Do you want to colour your hair? Here are some easy ways to do it at HOME

Here’s how to DIY coloured hair at the comfort of your home
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Dying your hair is a fun and easy way to switch up your look. But, sitting in the salon for three hours and spending a load of bucks can be boring and expensive. To save yourself the expense, dying your hair at home is the perfect solution. At first, it may seem stressful, but, eventually, you will begin to like it.


But, before colouring, you have to keep a few steps in mind.


Do not move away from your actual hair colour

Keep your new colour only 2 shades darker or lighter from your actual colour. This will not make a drastic difference and will also be a safe option if you end up messing it up.


Wash your hair before dying

It is important to wash your hair before dying (at least 24 hours prior than the process). This allows the natural oils that are secreted during this time to act as a barrier against irritation and helps in binding the colour to the hair strands in a better way.


Coat your hairline, ears and neck with vaseline

This will prevent the hair dye from staining the skin and give you better colour coverage on the scalp. If the colour stains the skin, it will remain there for weeks together. So it is better to take precautions.


Section properly

It is important to section your hair so that the colour is evenly spread throughout. Separating your hair into sections will help you cover every hair strand without leaving any patches.


Rinse effectively

Make sure you rinse the dye so that there is no residue left in the hair strands. This can clog and damage the scalp, in turn, ruining the quality of your hair.


We are definitely going to try these tips and tricks before colouring our hair. Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments section below.


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