Do your nails end up breaking a lot? Here are 2 home remedies to strengthen brittle nails & boost growth

If you are someone whose nails are extremely dry and brittle, here are 2 home remedies you need to try. Check it out
Do your nails end up breaking a lot? Here are 2 home remedies to strengthen brittle nails & boost growth
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Whether you eat your nails or it’s just the lack of vitamins in your system which results in brittle nails, no one loves nails that break off even before growing into a proper shape. While having a healthy diet is of utmost importance to have healthy nails, you can even resort to home remedies if you want quick results. While gel nails have replaced a good at-home manicure, it does not solve the issue of having weak nails. So, to make sure your manicure looks healthy and you have strong nails, here are the top 2 home remedies that you can try. 

Petroleum Jelly | Vitamin E - Night treatment

There’s a very small difference between having dry nails and having a dry nail bed. If your cuticles are extremely dry, it means that your nails aren’t receiving enough moisture as it should which ends up in constant breakage. To combat this, all you need to do is take petroleum jelly popularly known as Vaseline and mix 2-3 vitamin E capsules in it. As a personal trick, I like to make a small container of the mixture and use it every night before bed. Make sure to only apply the mixture on the cuticle and avoid the nails. Use this home remedy for 2 months and you’ll see the difference yourself! 

Lemon soak

Lemon has been that one ingredient that everyone has a love-hate relationship with. While some love it for their home remedies, others hate the fact that it contains a lot of acidic properties. However, when it comes to your nails, it definitely does wonders. The acidic content helps brighten the nails and removes stains while also strengthening it. The vitamin C content is what your nails need. All you need to do is rub a slice of lemon directly on your nails every other day or use a cotton pad filled with lemon juice on your nails. Do this for 5 minutes every alternate day and follow up with the home remedy mentioned above. You’ll see your nails strengthening in no time! 

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