Dry brushing is the new wellness trend and you HAVE to know about it

These benefits will definitely make you want to try out this trend NOW
Dry brushing is the new wellness trend and you HAVE to know about it Dry brushing is the new wellness trend and you HAVE to know about it
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In the current world scenario fads are what runs the World. Social media trends are a common norm, one that keep changing ever so often. Well, currently there’s one wellness trend which has clearly taken over the hearts of all our favourite celebrities and influencers. It is the dry brushing trend.


The term itself is quite self-explanatory. So the drill is, you take a huge brush - mind you, not a hair brush, just a stiff, strong bristle brush and you brush it all over your skin. You usually do this before taking a shower and you brush it inwards towards your heart.


Well, this genius of a trend is not just beneficial for the skin but for the whole body. Listed below are the advantages of dry brushing.


Great exfoliation for skin

One of the great and most obvious effects that dry brushing has is that it exfoliates the skin and makes it glow. What most of us get it wrong is that if we scrub our skin with a loofah in a hot shower, it tends to take away all the moisture of our skin.  



Helps in circulation

One major advantage of dry brushing is that it helps in great blood flow and is amazing for the skin. It also pushes for good circulation throughout the body.


Soothes anxiety

This one is definitely what people across the generation need in today’s time. Anxiety and stress is a common issue and if you practise dry brushing then it’ll help majorly in soothing anxiety.



Boosts our energy

If you feel good internally you automatically feel energized. This is a great way of boosting your personal morale and feel a good high which is extremely important on a day to day basis.


Enhance digestion

Yes, that is true. Dry brushing opens up the various pores in our body which helps in absorbing and taking in nutrients and it also eliminates toxins.



The benefits mentioned above sure do make you believe why this wellness trend is such a massive hit. Will you be game to try it? Comment below and let us know.


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