Dry hair causing your hair to break easily? Try these easy DIY moisturisers for soft, silky and radiant hair

Do you feel your hair turning coarser and more difficult to manage by the day? That's because they need to be moisturised! Check out all the easiest ways in which you can moisturise your locks.
Beauty,hair moisturiser,hair soft,hair smoothDry hair causing your hair to break easily? Try these easy DIY moisturisers for soft, silky and radiant hair
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Hair is one thing that completely changes what you look like and how you feel. When you are having a good hair day, nothing can bring you down. But when your hair isn't listening to you, nothing can help bring you back up. Clearly, the key to your mood, looking and feeling your best, all lies in your locks. And the key to healthy locks, is loads of moisture! 

Here are some home-made hair moisturisers that will instantly perk your hair up!

Banana and Olive oil mask

Both these ingredients work well together to ensure that your hair is left with a healthy shine and soft feeling. All you need to do, is blend one banana with some olive oil and apply this mixture on your wet scalp. Leave this mask on for around 20 minutes and then rinse it off well. 

Shea Butter

Excellent for dry and damaged hair, all you need to do is warm two spoons of shea butter and massage it directly on your scalp. Leave it on for a while and then wash off with a mild shampoo. 

Lavender and Aloe

Aloe Vera is one ingredient which helps protect the hair from harsh sun rays while lavender oil is mild and ensures that your hair is shining. Blend the two together and add it to a spray bottle. Just spritz some on your hair as and when you feel your hair needs a booster!

Olive Oil and Raw Eggs

Raw eggs are very high in fat and proteins which make them natural moisturisers. All you need to do, is blend an egg along with virgin olive oil and massage the mixture on your scalp and hair. Let this stay on for around 30 minutes and then wash off well. 

Honey and Pumpkin Seed Oil

Honey makes for an excellent moisturiser while pumpkin seed oil is one of the best conditioners for the hair. All you need to do, is mix a spoon of pumpkin seed oil with two spoons of honey and some coconut oil for extra moisture boost. Blend these ingredients and massage it on your scalp and hair. Leave it on for an hour or so and then wash it off for the best hair ever!


Follow each of these procedures once a week and you will see instant results. The lustre of your hair will be immediately boosted and your hair will not only feel good but look amazing as well! 

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