Easy and effective DIY home remedies for help get rid of dry skin this winter season

Home remedies that will make your skin look flawless this winter.
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With the cool breeze slowly creeping in, there’s no denying that our precious skin becomes dry and flakey. The cold outdoors with warm interiors makes our skin prone to dryness. We are sure that nobody wants to have dry and itchy skin. Whether it is winter or hormonal issues, dry skin has always been an issue to deal with. It is not just the people who have dry skin who find it difficult to manage but people with normal and oily skin types can also develop dry patches on their body from time to time. I am sure we have all tried to deal with it in as many ways as possible. From using high-end products to trying out various techniques, the results never seem to satisfy us.

Due to the cold weather, the skin gets dehydrated and loses its moisture. Dry and flakey skin is also a major sign of dehydrated pores. No matter how expensive creams we buy, we cannot beat our grandmother’s traditional techniques to get rid of dry skin.

Before any of these fancy creams came into existence, home remedies have been working for years together. This irritating dryness can be treated efficiently with simple products that you can probably find lying around in the house.


Coconut oil:

The good old coconut oil is famous for its moisturising properties. I bet every single household in India will have a bottle of coconut oil. Easy to find and use, it replenishes the skin with its moisture. It softens the skin and reduces flakiness. Other oils like jojoba, almond and olive also do wonders to nourish the skin.


Rose Water:

Cool, soothing and moisturising, Rose water refreshes your skin. It increases blood circulation in the skin and manges the pH level. It restores the production of oil in the skin. Some packaged rose water also contain glycerin which helps lock the skin’s moisture and leaves the skin looking flawless.

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum Jelly, popularly known as Vaseline is a creamy jelly that locks the moisture of our skin. It also prevents the skin from losing water and hence keeps the skin hydrated. The jelly can be greasy to go out with, so use overnight for great results.

Multani Mitti:

Fuller’s earth, popularly known as Multani Mitti can be used as a clay mask. It has the ability to absorb excess oils and is often recommended for oily skin types. It is also used as a cooling agent to soothe flaky, irritated and itchy skin. Using the mask with the right ingredients can do wonders for your skin.

Tip: Mix multani mitti with rose water to get a flawless glow.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera, a plant with healing and anti-inflammatory properties, can be your pick to beat dry skin this season. It is often found in lotions and creams but works wonders when used organically. Fresh aloe gel can be used to treat dry and patchy skin. It also helps retain the moisture level of the skin.


We have to stress over how important it is to keep yourself hydrated from the inside. Nothing else will moisturize your skin better than water. It also helps to prevent your skin from drying.


We are sure that these remedies will make your skin ready for the season. Do you know any more? Let us know in the comment section below.  


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