Easy and quick guide for applying the lip-liner perfectly

Clearly, lip liners are big winners - so let’s give you a quick low-down on how to apply it
Easy and quick guide for applying the lip-liner perfectlyEasy and quick guide for applying the lip-liner perfectly
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It is true that lipsticks can change the way you look. Even if you’re dressed down and feeling blah, all you’ve got to do is apply your favourite shade of lipstick and get into the jam. Well, the major problem with lipsticks are that they usually end up bleeding. 


Well, as always we’ve got your back as we bring to you a super hack to apply the liner perfectly. A major raging trend in the 80s and 90s, as usual owning the phrase, “Fashion is cyclic”, this trend is back and how! 


First up, what are the advantages of a lip-liner and does it really work?

Tbh, a lip-liner is a must have in your makeup pouch. It not only lines your lips but also helps in preventing your lipstick from bleeding. Also, not many know but it also helps in making your lipstick stay on for long. 



Clearly, this makeup product is a winner - so let’s give you a quick low-down on how to apply it. 


Step 1: It is very important to prep your lip. Start off with moisturising your lip with either a lip balm or moisturiser so that your lipstick does not look flaky. Choose a lip balm with antioxidants so that the lips are significantly benefited from them. 

Step 2: This step is very important. Always pick a liner which is darker than the shade of lipstick that you are wearing. This will help in creating a gorgeous boundary all around, making your lips look fuller and perfectly shaped. 

Step 3: Start off with the cupid bow. Once your lips are nicely moist, start off creating an X from the cupid bow. Now start marking the corners and join them together. Use a brush or a pencil, whatever you are most comfortable with to line your lips. 

Step 4: The next step is super easy as you’ve just got to apply the lipstick using a brush or directly from the bullet. 



These 4 easy steps will do wonders if you follow them correctly. If you do know of any other way or have a super hack then comment below and let us know. 


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