Easy DIY home remedies to instantly improve your weak eyesight

These DIY remedies are easy and will not even consume too much of your time
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The World’s moving at a lightning pace. Technology is evolving with every passing day. While there are a lot of boons to it and the World is coming closer; there are equal setbacks to this technology as well. Kids, teenagers, adults everyone is hooked onto their phones, tablets and laptops. There is absolutely no amount of movement and our eyes are under constant stress. Constant studying and burying our heads in books is another major reason for poor eyesights. So much so that kids as early at the age of 4-5 start getting spectacles and eye problems. Our eyes are stressed way too much and we are in such a hurry or are simply lazy that we take no care of ourselves whatsoever.


We do not want to sound preachy but our eyes are one of the most important organs and senses and its high time that we stop taking it for granted. We are so engrossed in our phone screens, be it in our house, while sitting in the car, while travelling in the trains or just randomly anywhere, that we just don’t understand the level of stress we our causing to both our brain and eyes. The reason we take it for granted is because the effects are not shown immediately but once it starts surfacing, we know that we’re in deep trouble. However, Pinkvilla has your back and listed below are DIY home remedies that’ll help in improving your eyesight.


Eye exercises

Believe us this is the easiest way for improving your eyesight and this does not even involve you to be in a specific position or allot a separate time. All you’ve got to do is roll your eyes clock-wise and then anti-clock wise slowly. Make sure that after you complete one set you blink a couple of times. Keep repeating this 4-5 times a day and you’re sorted.




Almond are great for eyes if you didn’t know that already. Soak 5-10 almonds in water and leave it overnight. Peel the skin of the almonds and make a fine paste and put that paste in a glass of warm milk. Continue this practice for a few months and see the results yourself. Since almonds are rich in Vitamin E and contain great anti-oxidant content it helps in concentration and memory.


Massage your feet with mustard oil

This one is going to help you in the long run take a few drops of warm mustard oil and massage the soles of your feet with it regularly. This is not only be great for your eyesight but will also keep your mind fresh.



Amla Juice

I’m sure all of us must have heard about the famous amla juice at least once in life. Well amla is rich in Vitamin C and is great for our eyes. Consume a glass of amla juice at least twice in a day for a couple of months to get best results.



This remedy again needs no added effort. Rub your palms together and lightly place your palms over your close eyes without applying too much pressure. Carry this procedure out 4-5 times a day to get the best results.




How cool is this. Well yes the king of fruits mangoes are great for our eyesight. Be it in form of juices, pulp, slices or any mango dish, eat as much mangoes as you can while they are in season as they are great in improving eyesight and also keep our taste buds happy.


Consume pepper with honey

This might sound as a very bitter and spicy combination but this remedy can majorly help in improving your eyesight. Take a spoon of honey and take a pinch of pepper powder, shut your eyes and eat it. Keep doing this daily for a couple of months and you’ll see major improvement.


Our eyes, our body is way too precious, do not take them for granted. It’s not too late even now, try out these home remedies to improve your eyesight. If you know of any more home remedies, comment below and let us know.


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