Easy solutions if you are struggling with dry, brittle nails post the party season

Easy remedies to get healthy and groomed nails
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The party season finally comes to an end and it is now the period of detoxing. While we go all crazy and get rid of rules when it comes to dressing up, eating and also alcohol consumption (ahem!). We also leave no stone unturned when it comes to glamming up and getting into the diva groove. One of the key ways we groom ourselves is by painting and pampering our nails with fancy services.


The acrylic and gel nails look stunning on the outside but it makes our natural nails weak and brittle. They become thin and start breaking way too easily. However, don't you worry as we’ve got your back, listed below are easy remedies to get back healthy and strong nails back.



Cut your nails short to their original length

While this step will be a little heart-breaking, but trust us it is extremely important for your nails. When you chop your nails off to their natural length, they grow in good shape and are healthy too. Also, who says that short nails arent chic? Get a pretty french manicure done and you’ll be good to go.


Use a hand cream and see it do wonders

If you read any celebrities skincare routine, you’ll realise that they all swear by hand creams. The dry season leads to a lot of dehydration on our hands and cuticles. This works wonders when you choose not to paint your nails. The cuticle oils and hand cream helps in keeping it moisturized and also gives your nail shine.  



Eat protein-rich foods

Protein is also known as keratin and it is rich in building blocks for hair and nails. Nails are made from proteins so don't forget to have an ample amount of it in our diet.


Invest in good nail care products

When you’re applying nail paint at your place, make sure that you apply a transparent base coat before you apply a colourful nail paint. File your nails regularly to make sure they are in shape and always look groomed.


Comment below and let us know if these tips were helpful.


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