Easy ways to clean your beauty blender under 5 minutes

While all of us love to do makeup we are always lazy to clean the tools. Here are some easy way to clean the beauty blender
Easy ways to clean your beauty blender under 5 minutesEasy ways to clean your beauty blender under 5 minutes
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It is fair to say that every girl somewhere is obsessed with makeup and why shouldn’t she be? Makeup is that one way where you literally let out your personality. Be it soft and subtle, heavy and edgy or the current raging dewy makeup, everyone sure does love a piece of this cake. Well, but what is that binds everything together and brings us that flawless look? It’s our makeup BFF, the beauty blender.


While the whole process of doing the makeup is a lot of fun, the pain of cleaning the tools is what makes us all go lazy. However, what if we told you that the process of cleaning the beauty blender is extremely easy and all it requires are three easy foolproof steps. Yes, listed below are three easy steps in which you can clean your beauty blender and bring it back to its flawless style.


Step 1:

Dampen the sponge

Yes, the first step is to make the sponge wet. Place it under running water and let it get soaked and expand completely.


Step 2:

Add the cleanser on it

Once the sponge is nice and wet, squeeze some baby shampoo or mild shampoo on it. You can also apply soap on it but it’ll be a little too harsh. Rub it until there’s a nice lather or foam created.



Step 3:

Rinse the beauty blender

Once you’ve rubbed the soap on to it well make sure you rinse the beauty blender in lukewarm water. Do it until the beauty blender becomes clear. Repeat the steps once more if you’re not happy with the result and leave it to dry.


The other way to work around this is to use a microwave. Yes, make a mixture of shampoo and water in a microwave safe bowl. Make sure that you have enough so that the sponge can be soaked well. Now soak the sponge. Make sure that it’s got the solution on it completely. Place the mixture bowl along with the sponge in the microwave for about a minute. Take the bowl out and you’ll get a brand new and clean beauty sponge. Voila!


We are sure that these steps will definitely help you. Do you have any more remedies up your sleeve? Comment below and let us know.


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