Eat and apply: Spinach the miracle ingredient that your skin and hair needed

We count down numerous benefits of this miracle green vegetable but also give you a skin and hair mask that you can DIY!
Eat and apply: Spinach the miracle skincare ingredient that your skin and hair needed.
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Who knew Popeye was right about the spinach? Now if you’ve ever wanted to get on the green juice or smoothie bandwagon, you’re no stranger to this miracle ingredient. Spinach isn’t just great for your digestive system, it is also a great ingredient for DIY face masks and hair masks. Yep, it works topically and internally. Of course, the best way to have spinach is by including it in your daily diet or your daily smoothie (or if you’re really gutsy then green juice), but you cannot underestimate the power of the green leaf in beauty treatments. 

When it comes to the skin, Spinach contains the ONE thing that is huge on beauty shelves recently and that is retinol. It is also a source of vitamin C, E, lutein and other micronutrients. A spinach face mask will help eradicate pigmentation over time and also reverses pollution damage while giving your skin a glow. It is particularly great for dry skin. 

For the hair, it aids hair growth. The vitamin and micronutrient enriched vegetable helps nourish the scalp and hair and protects hair against pollution damage. The vitamin B and C it contains encourage hair growth over time. It also has high iron content that ensures increased oxygen supply to the hair follicles further stimulating them. 

So here’s a skin mask and hair mask that will solve all your problems. 

Spinach mask for glowing skin

What you need:

1 cup chopped spinach leaves

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp olive oil or almond oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

Wash the spinach leaves before chopping them. Then add it with the other ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Apply the mask to your face with a brush and leave it on for 15 - 20 mins. Rinse it off with warm water and follow with a moisturiser. Honey works on the inflammation on the skin due to acne and the lemon juice helps regulate sebum production.

Spinach pack for hair growth

What you need:

1 cup spinach leaves

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp olive, coconut or castor oil

Clean the spinach with cold water before putting all the ingredients in a blender. Blend until it is completely smooth. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair like you were to apply a global colour. Then tie your hair up and cover with a shower cap or some bag to generate heat. Yes, this mixture will smell a little which is why the cover-up becomes even more essential. Wash it off with a mild shampoo after 30-40 minutes. Do this at least once a week for maximum impact. 

Well, hope these remedies help!

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