Ensure your feet are soft and smooth this winter with these feet care tips

Updated on Nov 27, 2021 07:24 PM IST  |  270.3K
Ensure your feet are soft and smooth this winter with these feet care tips
Ensure your feet are soft and smooth this winter with these feet care tips

Most of us are very particular about taking care of our facial skin, hair and even hands; feet care is often relegated to the last spot on our list of body care. Ignoring the feet can have painful consequences including bacterial or fungal infections, corns, cracked skin and bad odour, among others. To avoid this, here are 6 feet care tips. 


1. Washing 

Feet skin is most susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections since it is cloaked in socks and shoes for a major part of the day, or exposed to dust and grime. The skin between the toes is a perfect place for bacterial and fungal infections to flourish if it is not washed and cleansed properly. It is therefore very important to soap and wash your feet once every day to ensure the locked in dirt and sweat is cleansed off.


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2. Keep Them Dry 

Dampness is a perfect environment for fungal infections like athlete's feet to thrive. Drying the feet, especially the area between the toes is very essential after every wash, especially if you are wearing socks and shoes immediately afterwards.


3. Moisturising 

Don't limit your moisturising routine to just your face and hands. Lack of moisture can leave your feet dry, scaly and chapped. The chapped skin can then become extremely dry and hard, especially on the heels. This area can then become a magnet for dirt and grime which will start sticking to it. Chapped heels do not just have an unseemly appearance but can also be painful. Make sure you apply a generous dose of moisturising agent on your feet every day after washing your feet. 


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4. Exfoliating 

Moisturising dead skin will not serve any purpose. It is important to remove the dead layer first by exfoliation once every month. This can be done with pumice stones or loofah, but mildly. It also helps remove the dirt and grime stuck to the hardened dead skin. Follow it with a hydrating moisturiser and leave it overnight.


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5. Occasional Pampering 

Leave your feet soaked in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes twice a month. This helps soften the skin. Then rub the feet mildly, dry them thoroughly and apply a Vitamin E rich cold cream. If your feet are susceptible to infections and inflammations, use an antibacterial cream. You can also use a hydrating or an exfoliating peel off foot mask, once a month. 


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6. Wear Socks 

Wearing socks is not only important to protect you from the cold but also to protect your feet against environmental damage. Socks shield the feet against dust and dirt which might stick to the cream applied on to the feet. They also protect against UV radiation.


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