EXCLUSIVE: Ananya Panday reveals the secret to her glowing skin

Pinkvilla recently got in touch with the 21 year old who revealed all about her skincare regime
EXCLUSIVE: Ananya Panday reveals the secret to her glowing skinEXCLUSIVE: Ananya Panday reveals the secret to her glowing skin
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Ananya Panday is clearly the current “it” girl on the block. The stunner who marked her debut with Dharma Production’s Student of the Year 2, co-starring Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria won a lot of appreciation for her appearance. The millenial star is widely followed for her fashion choices and her style is massively talked about. Pinkvilla recently got in touch with the 21 year old who revealed all about her skincare regime. The young actress is surely blessed wiath flawless skin and she shares tips and secrets with us which helps in further accentuating her gorgeous skin.


We first started off with the basics and tried understanding what her morning routine is like. TBH, we were expecting a long list of remedies, however, Panday likes to keep it simple. She said, “I wash my face three times a day and I make sure that I always take off my makeup before I sleep. I put a lot of moisturiser, sunscreen, eye-cream and I also sprinkle a lot of rose water on my face.”



Having clear and clean skin is not everyone’s cup of tea and we asked her how does she maintain the glow on her skin. “I drink a lot of water. Lots and lots of water!”, she added. Well, most of the leading actress like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone, to name a few, are actresses who swear by water for clear and flawless skin.



Ananya credits her genes for her beautiful skin; a glimpse at her super good-looking mother and we couldn’t have agreed more. Also, being born in India comes with its own bag of benefits as we are loaded with ancestral tips and remedies. One DIY home remedy which Panday uses for her skin is a mask which she makes out of honey, turmeric and yoghurt. As we all know, honey is great for keeping the skin moisturised, yoghurt helps in getting rid of the tan and dead skins and turmeric brings in the much needed glow. No wonder that impeccable glow.



Further on, when we asked her about the lifestyle changes that she’s made in the past few years which has worked her, she puts it all on her eating habits. “Honestly, when I was back in school I would eat anything and everything but now when I’m shooting, I eat clean. It just makes you feel good, your stomach feel lighter, it just makes you a happy person. I also think it’s more of a mindset. You feel more disciplined, she stated.”



While we have a lot of stars spilling their skin secrets, this one is something which most young girls would connect to. The remedies and DIYs are bear maximum result and are super easy to carry out.


What do you guys think of these remedies? Comment below and let us know.


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Agree with all the comments here, check out our senior actresses, Hema, Rekha, waheeda, all have good skin tone. Dimple Kapadia too..

Why is she getting so much footage? Muft ka footage

So? She is just a baby.. 21.ask her when she is 40! Nonsense. And what is this it girl. Not for me..

Any 21 yr old will have beautiful skin.. not just her.. beautiful skin is Madhuri’s or Rekha’s...

Lol yes "ancestral tips" and water

Ananya anty....ugh Bollywood future is nowhere going ugly faces

Glowing skin helps in the absence of acting chops. So, yeah, whatever!

She looks older than her age.

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