EXCLUSIVE: Ayurveda for ageing hair & how to use it in the best way for better locks

Published on Sep 09, 2021 07:14 PM IST  |  60K
EXCLUSIVE: Ayurveda for ageing hair & all you need to know about it

Ayurveda lets you live life to the fullest and find contentment in the process. Ayurveda grants you this willful acceptance of an ageing body and divulges its age-old secrets to keep it healthy.

Pitta: or the transformative energy is responsible for making us all age as time progresses.

Naturally, people who have dominant Pitta Prakriti or have a fiery and competitive temperament may observe the ageing changes earlier than their counterparts. Also, excess spice, salt, and sugar in diet increase Pitta. Exposure to bright screens and disrupted sleep-wake cycles also make you age before its time. Let the body rest when it needs it, instead of running it on caffeine. All kinds of energies that keep you going, including sugar and the stress hormone - cortisol can be attributed to Pitta.

Let's explore ayurvedic secrets to find a perfect balance between all our pursuits of life and how to continue having great hair.
Shirshasana: Don't be baffled by its complexity. If you haven’t learned to do this yet, enrol yourself in a good yoga class and master this. When done regularly, Shirshasana is an excellent health-promoting asana, which not only keeps your hair and skin youthful but also the entire being.

Shiro Dhara: It is nothing less than magic for stress relief. Shirodhara is an ayurvedic practise of pouring warm medicated oil in a stream on your forehead. It balances the doshas on your scalp, makes the facial skin youthful. Sleep quality improves greatly after a session of Shirodhara. Regular head massage is also a great way to balance doshas in the head region.

Moong Protein: Hair needs proteins to grow. All proteins increase heat/ Pitta in the body while they undergo digestion. Except for the humble moong. Make moong a part of your daily diet and you will see the hair continues to be lustrous, full, and strong.

Rasayanas: Amla and Bhringraj are powerful anti-ageing herbs for Hair. Amla balances Pitta, preventing hair fall and greying. Amla decreases telomerase activity which ensures that the cells divide and replicate healthily.  Wedelolactone and other flavonoids in Bhringraj keep the hair dark and lustrous like a bumblebee. These herbs can be used both internally and externally.

Ayurvedic Bon vivant: Ayurveda recommends enjoying the best things in life with careful moderation. Living life on extreme terms can definitely make you age faster. A harmonious balance between food, rest and work, will ensure your healthy hair and body defies your age in numbers.

Go slow on styling: Heat styling damages hair, slowly but surely. The damage is not limited to strands. The roots weaken as the hair is tugged under heat duress.

Know your Hair and Scalp: Giving your hair what it truly needs is the first step to keep them thriving and healthy. Ayurveda believes the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas in various permutations make your hair unique.

Vata’s hair is generally unruly, frizzy, and coarse. The hair volume is less. The scalp is dry and flaky.

Pitta Hair is smooth, fine, and straight with medium volume. They have a sensitive scalp. The calp varies from normal to oily.
Kapha’s hair is smooth, luxurious, tame, and sometimes curly. They have a well-hydrated scalp and seldom suffer from hair problems.  

About the author: Dr Zeel Gandhi, Designation - BAMS in-house Ayurvedic doctor,Vedix.

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