EXCLUSIVE: Do’s and Don'ts EVERY bride should take care before her big day explains Dr Sirisha Singh

Dr. Sirisha Singh, Dermatologist is here to explain all the things a bride should and should not do before her wedding day.
EXCLUSIVE: Do’s and Don'ts EVERY bride should take care before her big day explains Dr Sirisha Singh
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The wedding day is the most special day in the life of a woman. Everybody wishes to be the best version of themselves, to love and cherish their look for the rest of their love. Very often, I see the brides approach a dermatologist very late- a month or fortnight before the wedding. This leaves the dermatologist with very few options especially if you also have bad acne. Here’s a list of do’s and Don'ts that will work for every bride.


- Start your skincare a few months before the wedding. See your dermatologist and get a routine that will be customised for you. The skincare should include a cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen, an exfoliant and some active creams to be used at night (as a basic minimum. More creams may be added for skin issues). 

- Eat healthy. Its  true that you are what you eat. If you eat right, not only will it show on the skin but it will also help fit into your bridal wear easily. 

- Treat your skin issues. If you have acne or open pores, the treatments should be started in good time. Acne may need medications and/or peels. If you start 3 months before your wedding day, chances are your skin will be clear. If you have open pores or acne scars, you may consider procedures like microneedling or mesobotox. Start the treatments early for full benefit. 

- Do get regular pampering treatments. A LASER toning or oxyfacial is a good way to pamper your skin. You can get it done once a fortnight for full benefit. 

- Exercise regularly to keep away the body fat and fight the stress. 

- A good nights rest on a regular basis will help revitalise the skin. 


- Avoid any skin treatment too close to the wedding. Most skin treatments have a downtime and the skin will take time to heal completely. You must discuss this with the doctor before going in for any treatments. 

- Do not use any tried and tested products within a fortnight of the wedding. 

- Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as it will show up as dull skin. 

- Do not sleep with make up on the skin. Often, during the wedding celebrations, people forget to take off their make- up. This leaves the skin dull and dry the next day and can also cause allergic reactions. 

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