EXCLUSIVE: EASY tell tale signs that your beauty habits and skincare regime need a makeover

Sometimes, what you are doing for your skin reverses its effect on the skin, causing it to degrade and look duller. Here are some signs that tell you to switch things up!
EXCLUSIVE: EASY tell tale signs that your beauty habits and skincare regime need a makeover
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The best and worst part about the skin is that it mirrors its condition. It shows if it is taken care of or neglected for a while now. It also tells if our skincare products need a quick replacement. One of the most common mistakes in beauty habits is using chemical-based products that take away the glow and disrupts the natural balance of our skin. A better option in such a scenario is switching to superfood-infused natural products that lend a visible difference to the appearance without causing any harm to the skin. 

Let’s have a quick look at other signs that alert us:

Chapped Skin

Red bumps that look like breakouts or having flaky skin, could be due to the overuse of sulfates in skincare products. Either of your products may have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS or SLES) which may compromise your skin’s natural barrier. The solution lies in ditching products having the said component.

New skin issues - Oilier or drier than before 

If your skin has started to behave badly, it could be its response to a recent change in skincare habit or a product. For instance, having oilier skin than before may be a result of excessive cleansing or a product that is drying out your skin, which is forcing your skin to produce more oil to suffice for the moisture loss.

Weather Change

Summer and winter skincare are poles apart. Summer calls for lightweight water-based lotion/serum that doesn’t lead to sweating by clogging pores, while cold weather demands an oil-based moisturizer that protects the skin from coming in contact with dry air. 

Overuse of Chemicals

You might be unaware but your skincare products such as toners, creams, etc. might share a common ingredient that may backfire due to its prolonged and excessive use. Chemicals can irritate the nerve endings making your skin photo-sensitive, red, and inflamed even upon the slightest of touch or sun exposure, aggravating your skin woes.

Sunscreen is Indispensable

Sunscreen is mandatory whatever the season. It is highly recommended by dermatologists worldwide and protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays of the sun and its resultant harmful effects such as photoaging, early wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots. Vitamin D supplements can support your skin in maintaining its youthful charm and give your body a much-needed supply of the micronutrient.

Maintain Personal hygiene

Clean hands are a prerequisite for flawless looking skin as oil and dirt from fingertips can lead to acne. More so, COVID has necessitated the regular use of sanitizers and handwashes as a first step towards ensuring good health. A mild handwash having moisturizing properties can help you stay healthy and also keep your skin from looking leathery in the colder seasons.

About the author: Ms.Dolly Kumar, Cosmetic Engineer and Founder & Director at Cosmic Nutracos – the parent company to skincare brand skinella

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