EXCLUSIVE: What are the causes of skin pigmentation and how to tackle it?

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EXCLUSIVE: What are the causes of skin pigmentation and how to tackle it?

One of the biggest concerns of men and women of all ages is skin pigmentation because it seems to be uncontrollable and there is no age bar there. While some experience it in their late 50’s, some tend to show pigmentation in their early 20’s. But what is pigmentation and why does it occur?

Pigmentation is when a certain part of your face or body gets darker than your usual skin colour and creates a patch. You can mostly see them around the cheekbones, close to the mouth, on the forehead, and in other areas as well. Pigmentation occurs when the cells of a certain part of your face or body die and they stop receiving any nutrients or skincare. Hence, the skin tends to get dull and dark because it is not able to make use of any food or nutrients or skin products that you use. 

It can happen to men and women alike, but with girls, it can start as soon as they are in their early 20’s if they are ignorant to skincare. A lot of women get it post-pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. Another reason to have pigmentation can be chemotherapy. The doses are heavy enough to cause cell dysfunctioning of the skin. 

What can be done to reduce it? 

To start with you need to understand that the Sun plays an important role in causing pigmentation. The heat and rays cause damage to the skin, on the face as well on the body. So, always start by wearing sunscreen at all times. Carry it with you and apply it a few times throughout the day. 

Always apply a sunscreen of SPF 40 under your makeup and lip balm to ensure that your skin is protected because no makeup product has that much coverage. 

Try a Vitamin C Serum because it protects your skin. One of its functions is to block the action of tyrosinase, which is essential for the formation of the pigment melanin. Application of vitamin C to the skin regularly will slowly fade away deposits of hyperpigmentation as long as the skin is also protected from sunlight with sunscreen or a hat. Vitamin C helps in fading away from the abnormal melanin deposits that are associated with sun damage. We have come up with products like Vitamin C serum, sleeping masks, and sunscreens to make sure that our users are protected against the Sun. 

You can carry an umbrella whenever going out in the sun. Also, it is advisable to avoid going out between 10 am- 4 pm, since it’s the hottest at these hours.

You need to know that the Sun can also penetrate through our clothes and cause pigmentation. Always wear light and breathable fabrics. Some brands are coming up with clothes that have 40 SPF to protect the skin against sun damage. 

Never rub your face with towels because that causes friction. Friction is a major cause of pigmentation hence always pat your face dry to keep it soft and moisturized. 

Whenever trying a DIY remedy, always do a patch test before applying the pack on your face directly. While they might suit some people, they are not good for every skin and in case it doesn’t suit yours, you will be in greater problems than before. 

It is a fact worth noting that pigmentation can never be completely removed (in most cases), but can be reduced and controlled if taken care of. There are several clinical ways of doing that, but the results are never 100% and there is a chance that you don’t see any results after spending that amount of money. So, make your choices wisely.

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