EXCLUSIVE: What is clean beauty and why are all talking about it explains beauty entrepreneur Vasundhara Patni

We asked a beauty entrepreneur everything about clean beauty and she goes on to debunk the myth around it. Find out
EXCLUSIVE: What is clean beauty and why are all talking about it explains beauty entrepreneur Vasundhara Patni
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Clean beauty is the talk of the town lately and for the unversed, these are products made from ingredients that do not harm the human health or skin for that matter. There are quite a lot of companies that are extremely popular but make products that potentially harm their customers. So, we spoke to Vasundhara Patni who is a beauty entrepreneur and owns a clean beauty brand, Kiro. 

When asked about clean beauty, she responded, ‘Even as the conversation around the need for clean beauty becomes mainstream, there has been a corresponding rise in misconceptions that keep consumers from going down the clean beauty route.’ 

She then went on to debunk the myths about the beaut industry, ‘One of the biggest beliefs in the market is especially around international beauty brands that are found to be most reliable, however, this is a myth as various local brands understand the beauty needs of their consumers as well as keeping it economically viable. Various other such myths exist from clean beauty formulations require a longer time to show their effectiveness, clean beauty products are bound to be expensive, all chemicals are bad for one’s skin, causing hormonal imbalances, unable to suit all skin types, etc.’ 

She blames it all on inadequate information, ‘Such misconceptions are usually created due to inadequate information, clean beauty caters to the needs of one’s skin no matter how diversified the textures are and how much one’s skin changes over a period of time. ‘

She further added, ‘One of the biggest challenges, clean beauty has to tackle is the amount of chemicals present, no product can be free of it as there are naturally occurring chemicals whose presence is essential to ensure a healthy balance. Today, various brands have become extremely cost-effective while keeping in mind the quality and core essence of the products produced remains unchanged. Likewise, many have questioned the lasting ability of clean beauty products from vegan lipsticks or highlighters since it’s hard for consumers to believe that something so good could last a long time, however, such products most definitely can due to being tested and tried for an individual’s daily use.’

‘With the progression of time, our climate and the requirements of our environment could largely benefit from even small efforts, which answers yet another misconception of whether this will even make a difference, will clean beauty pave the way for a healthier environment and the answer to that is most definitely yes,’ she added

Patni says it’s much more than the ingredients, ‘Clean beauty doesn’t necessarily mean using clean products for your everyday routine, but incorporating a conscious choice to use ingredients, products, packaging, and disposal of the same in an impactful manner.’ 

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