Eyeliner decode: Master the art of eyeliners just like Taylor Swift

Follow this super easy decode guide on how to work those flicks. Taylor Swift loves them for sure and we couldn’t help but give these looks a try.
Eyeliner decode: Master the art of eyeliners just like Taylor Swift Eyeliner decode: Master the art of eyeliners just like Taylor Swift
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If you love to dabble your eyes with eyeshadow and flicks, taking glam tips from Taylor Swift, an American singer and songwriter, will do you good. Her looks on the red carpet and on stage will provide you with a slew of eyeliner and matte lipstick ideas.  Scarlet red and black winged eyeliner appear to be timeless and her personal favourites. If you believe in the concept of making your eyes and lips talk while your skin subtle, make her your everyday makeup guru. 

Let’s work towards achieving Taylor Swift’s simple makeup moments. They demand little effort, patience, lots of cheer, and your makeup kit, of course.  

Look 1 

Step 1: Start with a clean base and follow CTM rule.  
Step 2: Apply a hydrating primer. 
Step 2: Dab a  matte foundation with a beauty blender. 
Step 4: Conceal under eyes and blemishes. 
Step 5: Use an eyeshadow primer to prep your eyelids. 
Step 6: Pick a spruce blue glitter liquid liner and draw a dramatic cat eye starting from the inner corners of your eye and stretch it out to wing it well. 
Step 7: Repeat the same under the waterline and on both eyes. 
Step 8: Stick a pair of falsies or you can use a volumizing mascara to lend a dramatic effect. 
Step 9: Groom your brows with a spoolie and a brown eyebrow pencil. 
Step 10: For a flushed look, opt for a peach blush and blend it upward with a powder brush. 
Step 11: Spread the lip balm to moisturise your lips. 
Step 12: Top it off with a peach lip gloss. 
Step 13: Dust a translucent powder on your skin to wrap the look. 

Look 2 


Step 1: Prep your skin by following CTM. 
Step 2: Smooth your pores with a primer.  
Step 2: Apply matte foundation on your skin and blend well. 
Step 4: Use a conceal to cover dark circles and under-eye creasing. Step 5: Pick an eyeshadow primer to form the base for your eyelids. 
Step 6:  Take a silver shimmery eyeshadow and spread it on your eyelids. 
Step 7: With a black eyeliner, draw a thin with starting from the center of your lids and end it at the ends. Do not stretch it out too much. 
Step 9: Highlight the inner corners of your eye with the shimmery eyeshadow.  
Step 8: Stick a pair of faux lashes or you can use a volumizing mascara to enhance your natural lashes. 
Step 9: Follow the same steps on the other side as well. 
Step 9: Brush your eyebrows with a spoolie and fill it in with a brow pencil. 
Step 10: Use a pink powder blush for a flushed look. 
Step 11: Moisturise your lips well. 
Step 13: Brighten your pout with a blood-red matte lipstick or blood orange lipstick looks great too.


Have you tried the puppy eyeliner trend, yet? Let us know in the comments below. 


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