Face clean up at home? These 3 traditional products will leave your skin GLOWING

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Face clean up at home? These 3 traditional products will leave your skin GLOWING
Face clean up at home? These 3 traditional products will leave your skin GLOWING

Humans as a species take the concept of personal hygiene pretty seriously and have been doing so even before science and technology formulated the-now commonly-used face washes, cleansers and other personal hygiene products.  Back in the day, before humanity started living in 12-floor buildings in apartment complexes, we used to depend on a range of natural products and formulations to keep ourselves clean. Listed below are three such ancient skincare formulations that show visible effects on your skin and are super easy to make/use.

Rose Water
An item that needs no preamble for its role in the skincare area, Rose Water has been used as a base for a plethora of DIY skincare formulations. However, it may come as a surprise to you that Rose Water can be used to hydrate the skin and cleanse your facial pores without any additives. It has uniquely potent antibacterial properties without being too harsh on the skin. Moreover, it can also soothe inflamed skin and can be used as a toner. The biggest advantage of using Rose Water is its antioxidant property which helps to maintain the smoothness of the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. All of these benefits, in addition to it being completely natural, makes it a highly sought after skincare product.
One can use it simply by taking pure Rose Water and gently spreading it over your face as a toner.


Another widely used commodity in various skincare regimens is Honey. This natural, gooey, animal produce not only tastes good but also has powerful moisturizing and hydrating properties. Honey has been used in face masks and scrubs as early as 5000 BC and continues to be ever popular among personal hygiene enthusiasts for its antibacterial property.
It is widely believed that Honey gets rid of pimples quickly and without leaving any scars. You could also mix in some olive oil and oats to make an organic face scrub which is sure to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Natural Oils
Oils are a no-brainer when it comes to skincare and is used regularly to keep the skin taut, healthy and smooth. A variety of Natural Oils, most notably Saffron and Coconut oil, have been used all over the world to obtain smooth and hydrated skin within minutes.
Using these is as simple as warming some Oil and applying it in a circular motion onto your face. Let the oil rest for about a minute before wiping it away and voila, you should already see a visible softness and glow.


About the author: Mr Ashok Gupta, Founder of Amrutam

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