The first BIZARRE make-up trend of 2019 is here and it involves glamming up a potato!

A video of an actual potato getting a makeover is going viral on Instagram, making the veggie look glamorous!
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Every new year sees new trends rolling out. The fun, the cool and even the bizarre when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. This trend though is the first of its kind. A video of an Instagram user applying make up on a potato is going viral on the social media site!

The 15-second video sees the user apply everything from foundation to concealer and even contour the potato to make it look like a pretty face. Eyebrows, eyes with voluminous lashes and full lips are drawn on the potato to make it look more human-like. A miniature blonde wig is also added to this pretty potato to complete its look. 
The whole look involves everything about make-up and beauty professionals use - sponges, brushes, make-up applicators and more. The time-lapse video starts off with the user evenly applying foundation on the skin of the potato and blending it well enough to cover up the black spots. Eyebrows and eyes are then painted on to give it some human-like structure. 

Eyeshadow is the next product applied to create some depth, followed by a layer of eyeliner to make the potato look sassy. 
The video also encouraged more users to try out "potato art" on their own and share their own creations. 

What do you think of the trend? Are you going to try your hand at it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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