#FlashbackFriday: 3 VIRAL beauty hacks we are glad we left behind!

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#FlashbackFriday: 3 VIRAL beauty hacks we are glad we left behind!

Instagram (and now TikTok) is a neverending vortex of people showing off their skills. Beauty and makeup gurus show off hacks that really changed their lives, and after watching them rave about it we just dive headfirst into trying them out. We are not saying that these hacks never work. Some of them definitely DO work, but here we are talking about some disastrous ones whose mere existence is appalling to any person who knows even a little bit about caring for their skin. 

Here are 3 such viral “hacks” that we are glad got left behind in the year that they came from. Also if you are still seeing these hacks or using them, you will need to stop now. 

Deodorant as primer

Theoretically, this does make sense. It stops our pits from perspiration, which means technically it would do the same to our face right? No! The hair on our pits and face differ drastically. The deodorant contains aluminium salts and strong fragrances that will cause extreme skin irritation and cause your skin to flake. Just get a primer or use a moisturiser in a pinch. We really thank our stars that this hack was left behind in 2018 for good. Let the pits have the antiperspirant.

Lemon and baking soda for skin

It started with lightening armpits then came down to the feet and hands and whatnot. Seriously, this was probably one of the most dangerous combinations one could have put on their skin. This combination of acids could basically have the power to burn your skin. Basically, imagine yourself drinking a spoon of unfiltered lemon juice. Know the feeling? That’s exactly what this combination does to your skin. To top it off, doing this, then lightly rinsing it off and then stepping out in the sun. It’s basically like bleaching and then burning your skin. It’s was, is and always will be natural for your elbows, knees, hands and armpits to have a different colour as compared to the skin. Let’s just leave the baking soda for cooking, shall we?

Toothpaste for everything

Seriously people started using toothpaste on their zits, and toothpaste combined with tomato for dark circles and suddenly it wasn’t about the teeth anymore. While tomatoes are definitely great for your skin, mixing it with toothpaste basically turns it into a toxic acid paste that shouldn’t be put on your skin, let alone near the EYES! All the toothpaste does is dries your zits out, and increase the redness and inflammation in the surrounding area because of the sodium levels. Please leave the toothpaste for the teeth and just invest in a spot treatment or pimple patches. 

These hacks while they seemed promising (somewhat) on paper, and on our feeds, we are glad they didn’t stick around for too long. 

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