Foundation Mapping is the new beauty SECRET everyone should know about

This is a beauty trick that makeup artists around the world have kept secret and apparently, it is a great way to get a flawless natural looking base. Find out more
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For years together we all have been struggling to get the right foundation that gives you good coverage and at the same time does not change the skin tone altogether. According to Glamour, “Traditionally we’ve swept our foundation across our complexion in one uniform veil, but top MUAs have been sitting on a game-changing secret, which, when strategically employed, can transform the look and finish of your base.”

Here comes ‘Foundation Mapping’. This modern base technique is to apply your foundation only where it is needed. While doing so, it is important to leave out the glowing and better parts of your face that you want to show. This will give a good peek-a-boo effect to your skin revealing all the glowing parts while hiding the flawed areas.

The key here is to find a  foundation that does not look cakey when applied in small patches. It should give you a flawless finish while matching your skin tone perfectly. This trick can go awfully wrong if the foundation shade and coverage do not blend with the skin tone.

This technique can easily revolutionise the ‘no-makeup-makeup-look’ while highlighting the glowing parts of your face. And if you are someone who likes an even base, it’s nice to mix your foundation with a light moisturiser or facial oil to get a really glowing base. Start with your T-zone where there are great chances of hiding blackheads and blemishes. Blending it with the natural blushed skin around the cheeks can help you get a glowing base in no time.

Tip: Don’t be tempted to apply lots over areas which need nothing. Let your skin breathe and let the glowing parts have their moment of stardom!

This trick has clearly made us revolutionise our makeup routine. No wonder the MUA’s were sitting on it for a long while!

What are your thoughts on this beauty secret? Let us know in the comments section below.

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High amount of blending will be required

Yes it is a fabulous technique. Unfortunately not very popular in India.

Yep absolutely true! They look great!

A live video with the application would have been a better idea. What are we going to get by looking at photoshopped, surgery processed faces?

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