Gel based moisturisers: Why they're the PERFECT pick for those with oily & sensitive skin according to experts

Updated on Oct 06, 2021 12:26 AM IST  |  138.3K
Gel based moisturisers: Why they're the PERFECT pick for those with oily & sensitive skin according to experts
Gel based moisturisers: Why they're the PERFECT pick for those with oily & sensitive skin according to experts

Skincare is a field that's constantly evolving. With fresh products launched every day, it is hard to keep a tab and experiment with products that suit your skin without doing damage to it. A recent trend that's hit off, is the use of gel-based moisturisers. We find out what the hype about this product is all about!

Moisturising is part of the daily routine that cannot be skipped. The last step that comes after cleansing and toning the skin, helps in replenishing moisture and ensures the skin remains hydrated. Heavy, cream-based moisturisers have been the go-to to complete the daily skincare ritual, until gel-based moisturisers found and seem to have made their place in the beauty industry, almost replacing their heavier cream-based counterparts. We spoke to experts from the field to understand what the hype is all about.


With the pollution levels rising, almost every person struggles with sensitive and acne-prone skin. Here's where gel-based moisturises come in handy. Renowned dermatologist, Dr Ajay Rana opines, "They are more suitable for oily and combination skin types which are more prone to breakouts," as they hydrate and moisturise the skin without leaving an unwanted layer of greasy residue behind which further blocks the skin.

Adding to this, Cosmetic Chemist Harini Sivakumar believes that, "Gel-based moisturisers can typically be used in any season, but summer is ideal for them. Gel works even better in summers due to its texture, matte finish and superlight soothing feel," shares the CEO of home-grown skincare brand Earth Rhythm. Additionally, Arushi Thapar adds, "Summer and monsoon seasons are the best for gel-based moisturisers, especially in a tropical country like India where humidity can be quite high," says the brand manager at Plum.


What makes gel moisturisers lighter, is the higher water content in them, according to dermatologist Dr Stuti Khare Shukla. "Gel moisturisers have higher water content and hyaluronic acid while cream moisturisers have higher fat content and emollients. Gel moisturisers are lighter and more watery than cream moisturisers, which helps to retain moisture in the skin and prevent dryness," she says.

Furthermore, "Moisturising creams or lotions are mostly emollient-based, meaning they have a high content of oils that form a barrier on the top-most layer of the skin. This prevents water loss from the skin. It has a skin-smoothening effect," explains Manish Chowdhary, Co-Founder, Body Cupid. He also reminds us of body yoghurts that were a substitute for cream-based moisturisers a while back. "Boyoghurtsrts also have balanced levels of skin hydration like hyaluronic acid and emollients like almond oil, coconut milk, etc."


Dr Ajay Rana believes that body yoghurts are ideal for those with combination skin. "Mostly vegan, this product is not very thick or heavy. It is compatible with various skin types but its absence of oil makes them perfect for combination and oily skin. Gel-based moisturisers though are formulated with hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates the skin and can even need re-application twice or thrice a day," the dermat opines.

As far as gel-based moisturisers go, they are the perfect pick for those with oily skin. Who must ensure they stick to their trusted cream-based products, we want to know. "Those with dry and mature skin should avoid gel moisturiser as dry skin lacks lipids and require more rich and creamy textures to repair lipid structure of the skin. Dry skin won't be benefitted from only applying gel moisturiser. However, dry skin people can wear gel moisturiser underneath their creams to boost up skin hydration," shares Debabani Guha, National Trainer – L’Occitane.


All-in-all, there's a reason why gel-based moisturisers are everywhere now - they boost hydration like no other! Have you switched to gel moisturisers yet? Comment below and let us know.

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