Get thick and long lashes with these easy home remedies

Long lashes are all the rage and now you can attain them at home without any artificial methods.
Get thick and long lashes with these easy home remedies Get thick and long lashes with these easy home remedies
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From B-town to Hollywood, long lashes are so in trend and are considered as a symbol of beauty. Long and voluminous lashes add a certain charisma and natural beauty to your face that no amount of makeup can. They will give your eyes a bolder and more dramatic effect, and will set you apart. Although there are artificial methods to attain these lashes, these methods are not always safe and sometimes too expensive. Here, we have listed a few easy methods that will help you attain permanent and healthy long lashes in no time. 


1. Shea Butter 



Shea butter is enriched with vitamin A and E that will strengthen your lashes by providing nourishment to the hair follicles. It will also enhance growth of the lashes. 


Take a small amount of shea butter on your fingertips and gently apply on your eyelashes. Repeat this procedure every night, right before you go to bed and wash your lashes in the morning. Your lashes will grow stronger and thicker. 


2. Castor Oil 



Castor oil has always been known as a famous hair growth stimulant. It consists of fatty acids that will promote your lashes to grow longer and thicker in no time. 


Take a drop of castor oil on a Q-tip and carefully apply it to your eyelashes. Leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning. Follow this process every night and you will see a much noticeable increase in the length of your lashes in a couple of weeks. 


3. Coconut, Almond and Olive Oil 



All the three oils are extremely rich in proteins and minerals, and can really benefit your lashes. The high protein content in olive oil induces hair growth, whereas the nourishing properties in coconut and almond oil will keep them silky, smooth and prevent breakage. 


Mix all the 3 oils together and apply the mixture gently on your eyelashes. Keep it undisturbed for 3-4 hours before rinsing it off. Use this eyelash growth mixture daily at any time of the day for best results. 


4. Green Tea 



Green tea is filled with antioxidants that will not only make your eyelashes longer, denser and stronger, but will also restore and enhance their growth. 


Brew up a cup of green tea using tea leaves or a tea bag and a cup of warm water. Once the tea cools, apply it on your lashes and leave it overnight. You can refrigerate the rest and use it for the next 3 days, but not beyond that. Repeat this procedure daily for best results. 


5. Lemon Peel And Olive Oil 



Lemon is filled with vitamin C and A which stimulates hair growth. Whereas olive oil not only promotes growth, but also nourishes the lashes from the roots. 


Soak a lemon peel in olive oil in the morning. Apply the mixture on your eyelashes at night before you go to bed and keep it overnight. Repeat this process every alternate day for best results. 


6. Petroleum Jelly 



Application of petroleum jelly is probably the simplest way to boost eyelash growth. It is an excellent emollient and also acts as a hydrating agent that will help your lashes grow faster. 


Apply pure petroleum jelly onto your eyelashes and blend it over the eyelids too. Repeat this procedure every night before you go to bed to soothe your eyes and get thicker eyelashes. 


7. Vitamin E 



Vitamin E is known for reviving weak lashes, increasing blood circulation to hair follicles and stimulating the growth of new lashes. 


Take a vitamin E capsule, and remove the oil from it. Apply the oil on your lashes at any time of the day. Let your lashes absorb the oil for a few hours before rinsing it off. You can also apply this oil before applying mascara to prevent lash clumping and breakage. 


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