Going in for bleached hair? Here are some tips to bank on pre and post application

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Going in for bleached hair? Here are some tips to bank on pre and post application
Going in for bleached hair? Here are some tips to bank on pre and post application

If the lockdown made you dye your hair all possible colours maybe a rainbow or the ever-drool-worthy platinum, it’s no fun if you hadn’t taken care of your tresses pre-bleach and now that you have it already, you’ll know post-bleach care is of equal importance too. Bleaching your hair sure comes with confidence, a euphoric feeling, and most importantly doesn’t make you sing the song that denotes how bored you are of your natural hair colour. 


We all need a little dose of challenges but not the ones that could have long-lasting effects like damaged hair forever. It’s a bummer for your pretty locks and how! Make the overall experience a beneficial one for you by ensuring you invest in a good routine whether or not you have bleached your hair. If giving your hair a makeover is on your cards, go for it but keep a few tips handy so it doesn’t leave you disappointed before and after opt for your dreamy dye session. Keep a tab on how easily your hair tends to get dry and brittle, make natural oils your favourite few weeks before your appointment. 



Pre-bleach care 


1. Steer clear of styling tools - If you notice damaged or excessive split ends, do not wreak more havoc. Help it restore its health by forgetting that these tools exist for a few weeks before your appointment. 

2. Get your appointment fixed at the salon- There’s a good reason why they’re called hair stylists or professionals. They’ll know the knack to blend formulas well and work it on your hair. You can always request them to avoid applying the dye to your roots. 

3. A strict routine- Use hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners to a maximum meaning, not every day. But, often to keep dryness at bay. This is an essential step that can prevent further damage that can weaken your strands. 

4. Avoid excessive cleansing- Do not over wash your hair for the natural oils once snatched, it will affect the heart of your hair. Tip: Get your hair bleached on unwashed hair, the hairstylist will do the needful. 



Post-bleach care 


1. Say bye to split ends- Once you have your hair dye on, ask your hairstylist to help you get rid of split ends as these can create trouble. 

2. No hair wash, please- Wait for a minimum of 3 days to cleanse your hair. Let the dye settle down.

3. Pick the right products- Read the label for the ones that suit cools-treated hair. Do not use your regular shampoos. 

4. Styling formulas- A serum, gel, or cream acts as excellent live-in options.

5. Hair wash- Cold water only. Do not get your hair used to hot water.

6. Brush, nourish and repeat- Brush your hair regularly to avoid knots that make up for a cobweb, use good ingredients that can improve hair growth, and avoid hair loss. 



Have you bleached your hair? How do you giev it TLC? Let us know in the comments below. 


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