Gym for your skin: 3 Face workouts for even skin tone, complexion and a NATURAL face lift

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 01:12 AM IST  |  107.3K
Gym for your skin: 3 Face workouts for even skin tone, complexion and a NATURAL face lift
Gym for your skin: 3 Face workouts for even skin tone, complexion and a NATURAL face lift

Remember how your body feels after a high-intensity workout? Sweaty for sure, but there is a visible difference in the appearance of your skin. While the flush is seen in your face as well, there's nothing better than giving your face a workout of its own to boost circulation and give your face an instant and natural lift.

Massages are known to help achieve this by bringing the nutrients to the upper layers of the skin that don't always receive them. Massages are also effective in draining out the lymphatic system. If a massage can help achieve this, you can only imagine what a high-intensity workout will do to your skin!

Get rid of crows feet
The lines beside your eyes often make you look older than you actually are. To reduce their appearance, boost blood flow by placing the pads of your thumbs on the corner of your eyes and without moving your head gently look up and press your thumbs inwards, towards your eyes. Blink slowly for five rounds, 10 seconds each round and then release.


Tighten your jaw
Like the skin around your eyes, the skin around your neck and jaws can also form wrinkles from an early age. This one is pretty simple and can be done anywhere - lift your chin upward to form a straight line with your neck while keeping your back straight. Then tilt your head to your left slowly, till you feel pressure around your neck area and release slowly after 5 seconds. Repeat this with the right side and practice thrice for every side.

Dark circle remedy
One of the most sensitive areas on the face with a very thin layer of skin, this region is often subject to dark circles and needs exercise as well. Place your finger beneath your lower lid, look up and slowly raise the lower lid till your eyes are almost shut. Hold this for five seconds and release it slowly. Practice this five times for each eye for the best results.


Keep in mind:
- When exercising or massaging the face, always stick to upward motions that gives the face a lift naturally. Never press the skin down.
- Consistency is key. It takes a while for results to show, especially if you already have wrinkles or pigmentation.
- Before doing any kind of exercise, ensure that your skin is clean. Wash it with a mild face wash and dab on some light moisturiser that doesn't clog your pores but instead seeps in while the skin remains hydrated.

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