Hair care: 3 Reasons for premature greying and how to manage it effectively 

When the hair becomes grey before the age of 30, it is known as premature greying.
Hair care: 3 Reasons for premature greying and how to manage it effectively 
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When it comes to hair, everybody wants those glossy, brunette locks. When hair becomes grey at an early age, in the teenage years or in early '20s, to cover up products like hair dyes and chemical colours are used. But many don't realise what lies behind the hair losing its natural colour and turning grey. Many of them are natural causes that you can't do much about. Some of the causes of premature greying include:

According to research, if there is hormonal imbalance, it triggers premature greying of the hair. It messes with the melanin which doesn't lead to pigmentation of hair, causing it to grey out. 

Vitamin and mineral deficiency 
When there is an iron deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency or B 12 deficiency, whitening of hair occurs. These deficiencies lower the levels of biotin which causes grey hair to form. 

Heat Damage
When the hair is exposed to excess UV rays and is constantly tamed with heat styling tools, it gets damaged and lightens it over time. Like skin, hair too doesn't react well to heat and needs to be protected from it. 

How to prevent premature greying:

There are certain natural oils like coconut and castor oil that help in strengthening the hair and enhances the natural colour of it. Massaging the scalp also helps in blood circulation and increases the volume of the locks. 

Heat protection 
When heading out, make sure you cover your hair with a scarf or use serums, leave-in conditioners and sprays with UV protection. 

Eat healthy 
Diet clearly plays an important role in reducing grey hair and turning it around. Make sure you consume a well-balanced meal so there is no deficiency in the body that can cause the colour to fade away. 

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