Hair Care: 6 common hair problems we all face during winters

This season comes with numerous hair and skin problems but we often ignore how the weather impacts our hair but it's important to be aware of all the hair problems you may have to tackle during the winters.
Hair Care: 6 common hair problems we all face during wintersHair Care: 6 common hair problems we all face during winters
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Winter is a harsh weather and it takes a toll on you. The harsh cold can impact your hair and it can be big trouble. Your regular hair care routine also won't help much. This lovely cold weather can take a toll on your hair and there's nothing that you can do to avoid it. The chills outside combined with the heat indoors can be tough on your hair as changing temperatures can wreak havoc on your hair. You cannot run away from winter hair woes and no matter how much you change your hair care routine you'll still end up with some or the other problem.

Though you always have home remedies to your rescue it's essential to know the kinds of winter hair woes you may come across during this season. Instead of stressing about what's going wrong with your hair, understand your hair troubles and deal with them accordingly.

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Here are some main winter hair woes you may come across during this season:

1. Frizzy Hair

Winter is a dry weather. Due to lack of moisture and the dryness, your hair dries out and loses all the moisture. This makes your hair dull and frizzy and frizzy hair can be very difficult to deal with.

2. Dandruff

If you already have dandruff, brace yourself because it's about to get worse. The dryness makes your scalp condition much worse and makes it more prone to dandruff and fungal infection. You need to keep your hair and scalp moisturized in order to prevent this condition.

3. Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a part and parcel of winters. The lack of moisture in the air makes your scalp dry and sometimes it may also get itchy and flaky. And if you scratch it'll only get worse.

4. Split Ends

When your hair get frizzy and dry and brittle it also makes the weak and starts off the process of major hair damage. This all starts from the ends of your hair and one major concern is split ends.

5. Static Hair

The dry air has a bit of an electrical charge called static and your hair being dry tend to pick up this static energy. This makes your hair stand up and feel irritating. The best way to deal with this is to hydrate your hair as much as possible.  

6. Flat Hair

We love keeping our hair and heads covered with a hat or a beanie during winters and those scarves around our neck.

This makes our hair flat and sucks all the moistures from our hair. This makes them seem limp and flat and dull.

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