Hair care: Almond oil is the SECRET to luscious hair; Here's all the scoop

Thick, glistening hair may seem like it only belongs on screens, but you can have it too, thanks to this miracle ingredient!
Hair care: Almond oil is the SECRET to luscious hair; Here's all the scoop
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Almond oil is gained from pressing almond nuts and extracting the oil from that. The dry fruit nut is known to have many health benefits and is rich in proteins, fatty acids and Vitamin E. This only means that it is the perfect ingredient that will help improve the lustre of the hair and also make it thicker and longer. The sweet almond oil is known to have multiple grave benefits on the hair and drastically improves hair health. Read on to find out how!

Manages scalp conditions
Flaky scalp is a common condition that occurs due to dryness of the scalp. Almond oil is known to add much-needed moisture to the scalp that helps in managing this condition. Using almond oil on the scalp also helps in increasing blood flow to it and helps in keeping it healthy. 

Boosts hair growth
Almond oil is known to make the hair less prone to split ends as it has high amounts of Vitamin E. This enables your hair to remain healthy for a longer period without getting prone to damage, making it healthier at the same time. 

Softens hair 
Using almond oil consistently on the hair makes it softer and gives it a glossy texture over time. Incorporating it into your hair-care routine will ensure your hair is manageable, less rough and easy to deal with overtime. 

Repairs hair
Almond oil helps in lubricating the hair that reduces friction in the locks. Consistent use also makes the hair more resilient and strong to environmental factors. 

What oil do you prefer to use on your hair? Comment below and let us know. 

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Anonymous 7 months ago

Its very costly compared to coconut or sunflower . not all can afford this .

Anonymous 7 months ago

Lets stick to our gud old coconut oil!and how many almonds would it take for such a big bottle Of oil?

Anonymous 7 months ago

Almond oil for hair really?do u know how much real almond oil costs?