Hair Care Tips: Braiding your hair before bed is the EASIEST way to get good hair

Braiding your hair before hitting the sack can transform dry, brittle strands into luscious, healthy-looking hair. And it takes just a minute to braid!
Hair Care: Braiding your hair before bed is the EASIEST way to get good hair Hair Care Tips: Braiding your hair before bed is the EASIEST way to get good hair
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Remember how we used to crib about braiding our hair as kids? Turns out our mothers were right and braiding is the easiest way to maintain good hair health. Braiding our hair not only keeps loose strands of away from your face, but also has several beauty benefits. Keeping hair away from the face while we sleep prevent breakouts and micro tears in the skin which may occur due to contact with frizzy hair.

Braiding also protects our hair from various hair care woes such as frizzing, breakage, dehydration and such. Be sure to use a cloth rubber band, anti frizz spray and sleep on a silk pillow cover to avoid any frizzing of the hair. Do not braid your hair too tight as it will disrupt the blood circulation to your hair and also give you a headache! Read on to see how this one minute hair care regime will give you good hair for years!


Braiding hair also locks in moisture


Braiding can help keep your strands moisturized. Braiding your hair at night actually helps lock in moisture which would otherwise be released into the air or the fabric of your pillow when hair is loose. Oiling your hair before braiding not only locks in moisture but deeply hydrates the roots too!


Helps you avoid styling your hair with heat


Going to bed in braids means waking up with naturally wavy and bouncy hair! This saves you a lot of time which you would spend on styling your hair. Natural wavy hair also means you won’t be putting your hair under any stress from styling appliances that use heat!


Prevents hair fall


Another bonus of braiding your hair before bed is that it significantly reduces breakage. Keeping your hair braided helps to avoid snarls and unbearable tangles in the morning that could lead to breakage when you brush through your hair!

It keeps your hair structured

Braiding your hair before bed keeps your strands structured while you sleep. This helps to avoid friction that creates breakage. Keeping your hair tamed for a long time period, at least once a day allows your hair to grow out in a structured manner and prevents your hair from looking awkward!

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