Hair Care: THIS is the desi secret to healthy hair

We, desi women, love to care for our hair and it has been a part of our culture as well. We've all learnt our regular hair care ritual from our moms and grandmom which go back centuries and they definitely keep our hair in the best possible condition.
Hair Care: THIS is the desi secret to healthy hair
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Indian women are known to have beautiful and long black hair that is much appreciated across the world. We're known to have some of the best and well-kept hair care secrets that have been passed on over the years by our grandmoms. But such beautiful tresses can make anyone jealous and every woman today wants to know the secret behind our gorgeous hair. These beautiful and basic hair care secrets have been a part of our lives as well as our hair care routine since our childhood and have helped in keeping our hair healthy and fab.

Now, we all want long, dark and luscious hair and the best way to do so is to dip into the desi hair care secrets that have managed to keep our hair healthy and maintain the colour and quality of the hair. These regular hair care remedies are a part of most of our lives and they are just what we need to enhance hair growth and get beautiful hair. Moreover, there's no better way to do this other than the most natural way possible.

Here are some desi hair care secrets that help Indian women get amazing hair.

1. The one thing that we Indian women love is to oil our hair once a week no matter what. Since we were children we were taught to oil our hair at least once a week to get the best hair quality and nourish our hair. This helps in improving blood circulation and also provide moisture and nutrients to the scalp.

2. A nutrient-rich diet is the true secret to healthy hair. Eating all that delicious junk might satisfy your taste buds but it won't nourish your scalp and hair but a good diet with vegetables and legumes can provide our hair with the nourishment that it needs to grow.

3. Traditionally from ages women have washed their hair with cold or lukewarm water and avoided using and hot water which can damage our hair follicles and our scalp. This healthy hair ritual has been a part of our culture since ages.

4. Indian women don't play with too many chemicals. They tend to stick to simple and basic hair colours which don't damage their hair. Their choice of hair colour depends on what can give them a balance between style and healthy hair and if they had to pick one, they'd always pick healthy hair over anything else.

5. We've all heard about the best home remedies for healthy hair and before we grew up and found out about hair care and hair salons, we only knew about our mom and grandmoms home remedies for beautiful hair with the best possible natural ingredients. 

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