Hair care: DIY Aloe Vera infused leave in conditioner for damage free hair 

Using a leave in conditioner is the best thing you can do for your mane to help manage it. Read on to know how to make one yourself!
Hair care: DIY Aloe Vera infused leave in conditioner for damage free hair 
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Leave-in conditioners are known to do wonderful things to the hair including leaving it soft, glossy and healthy. Not many people use these conditioners on their locks as using a conditioner immediately after shampoo and washing it off, is the norm. 
But a leave-in conditioner, as the name suggests, cannot be washed off. It also comes with a lot more benefits than a regular conditioner. 

Hydrates hair 
With a water base, the main aim of the leave-in conditioner is to lock in hydration and keep the hair moisturised. 

Detangles hair
After washing the hair, detangling becomes a huge problem. Leave-in conditioner smoothes out the tangles and makes hair smooth and easy to comb through. 

Smoothens hair 
After using a leave-in conditioner, the hair not only feels softer but looks healthier and shinier as well. 

Protects the hair from damage 
Leave in conditioners add a layer of protection to the hair that guards it against the UV rays, heat and other free radicals. The conditioner also adds as an additional heat protectant. 

DIY Aloe Vera leave-in conditioner 

One of the most hydrating ingredients for the hair is aloe vera. To make your own conditioner, you will need, 
2 spoons of your favourite conditioner 
1 cup distilled aloe vera juice 
2 spoons avocado oil 
10 drops scented essential oil
1 spoon glycerin 

In a clean spray bottle pour the distilled aloe vera juice and all the ingredients. 
Close the bottle and shake it vigorously to mix well. 
Your leave-in spray conditioner is ready to use! 

After washing your hair and conditioning it, when it is damp, spritz the leave-in conditioner on your hair for best results. 

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