Hair Care: Get frizz free hair with these simple tips and tricks

Every hair cuticle tends to get affected by the heat and humidity making it look frizzy and dry. So here are some simple tips and tricks to reduce frizzy hair at home.
Hair Care: Get frizz free hair with these simple tips and tricksHair Care: Get frizz free hair with these simple tips and tricks
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Humidity, friction, styling and heat can affect the hair cuticle making it look frizzy and dry. Now, to manage this frizz, people use unnecessary styling resulting in more dryness of the hair. However, to avoid the frizz once and for all, you can use simple tips and tricks before and after you take a shower. Despite the humid weather, these tips can help in controlling the dryness and damaged ends. 


Sulphate-free shampoo

The first and foremost mistake that we make is use products that are loaded with chemicals. Chemicals affect the shaft of the hair by breaking the hair cuticle and stripping it off of its natural oils. Use a shampoo that is sulphate free as sulfates deprive the hair of natural oil and leave them dry and hence frizzy. Sulphate free shampoos maintain the natural oil level of the hair which help in maintain and controlling the frizz. 

Hair Oil

Hydration is the key to avoid frizzy hair. Most hair cuticles become dry because of the lack of hydration and essential oils. Use products that suit your hair texture and incorporate essential oils in your daily hair care routine. Hair oil smoothens the hair as it penetrates deep unto the cuticle to add moisture to the dry ends. Using a hair mask made out of essential oils like castor, coconut and almond can hydrate the hair before a shower making it prone to less frizz and dryness. 


Hair brushing

Using a hairbrush right after a shower can be the main reason behind the frizzy ends. After a shower just pat your hair dry using a towel and let it air dry for a few minutes. You can sometimes use a blow dryer to even out the flyouts. You can also use your fingers to untangle the hair to avoid any breakage caused by brushing.

Hair Mask

Contrary to traditional beliefs, hair masks are one of the best ways to hydrate the hair. Hydrated hair does not have open cuticles that get affected by the moisture in the air. You can use a hair mask once a week to avoid any open cuticles getting affected by the humidity. Keep your hair adequately moisturized and less prone to damage. You can incorporate honey, avocado, olive oil and bananas in your hair mask for added nutrition. 

What do you do to tame those frizzy ends? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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