Hair Care: Here are all the WRONG things you do that stop hair growth

Has your hair stopped growing? That is probably because of certain wrongdoings. Here are all the things that you do which result in stunted hair growth. Check it out
Hair Care: Here are all the WRONG things you do that stop hair growthHair Care: Here are all the WRONG things you do that stop hair growth
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Longer, healthier and shinier hair is what we all dream of. No matter how good the quality of our hair is, we still try and make a conscious effort to make it look better. While increasing its aesthetic appeal, we tend to use certain ways and products that end up damaging the hair. More so, stunting the growth of new and healthy hair. So here are certain things that we tend to do that stop the hair from growing. 


Washing it more than usual

Hair washes are meant to clean off the scalp from the dirt and impurities it must have caught on. While doing so, people tend to forget that the natural oils on the scalp are meant to be helpful for hair growth. Frequent washes strip the scalp away of its natural oils and making the follicle of the hair dry and loose. This results in hair fall directly from the scalp resulting in reduced hair growth.

Hair Spa

As fancy and luxurious hair spas sound, the chemical content in the spa solution and creams can end up clogging the scalp. The chemicals can surely make the strands softer, but the steam can affect the scalp resulting in reduced hair growth. You can avoid this by limiting the spa treatments to once every three months. 


Hair colour

Frequent colouring of hair is the worst thing that you can do to your hair. Hair colour has a lot of bleach and chemicals which completely change the face of your hair. Colouring appointments can also take a toll on your hair, particularly if you're constantly lightening it since this requires lifting the cuticle and exposing hair to all kinds of damage.


Heating tools can surely make your hair look like a wonder. But, continuous use of heating tools and styling wands can lead to potential breakage of hair and stunted growth. Moreover, that heavy blowdry can directly affect the scalp stunting the hair growth over a period of time. 


The main reason for stunted hair growth could be the wrong way of brushing the hair. Brushing the right way and you can actually encourage healthy hair growth. However, brushing the wrong way, and it can have the opposite effect and result in hair breakage from the root itself. 


What is it that you are doing wrong? Let us know in the comments section below.


Start from the end while holding a section of hair

What's the right way to brush our hair?

So do I, theres no other way of colouring up grey, although I use dye without ammonia, my hair always feels much better after tho , that's the strange thing if colouring is supposed to be bad ?

I use colour after every 15 days

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