Hair Care: Here’s how mustard oil can help you with dry hair

Dealing with dull and dry hair? Read below to find out how mustard oil can help you with dry hair. It'll not only nourish your hair but will also add more shine to your hair.
Hair Care Tips: Here’s how mustard oil can help you with dry hair Hair Care: Here’s how mustard oil can help you with dry hair
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Frizzy hair, dry hair, hair fall, split-ends and dandruff have become very common in recent times. Pollution, lack of nutrients, stress, and hectic lifestyle causes all these problems. We end up spending a lot of money to repair our damaged hair, but unfortunately, we don't get the desired outcome. And if you have been trying to manage your dry and dull hair for a while, then here's how this kitchen ingredient can come to your rescue. Yes, we are talking about mustard oil. 


Mustard oil or Sarson ka tel is an essential part of any Indian household kitchen. Mustard oil is not only good for cooking dishes, but this oil can help you manage your hair. The antioxidants and minerals present in the oil makes it an excellent conditioner for your hair too and makes them look lively.


Here's how mustard oil can help you with dry hair:


Conditions hair:


Mustard oil is an excellent natural conditioner. It contains alpha fatty acids, which help with conditioning of the hair. Use mustard oil to condition your hair since hydrating your hair is important for hair growth and thickness. 


Great for massages:


Mustard oil when used for massaging the scalp not only boosts blood circulation but it also promotes hair growth. Mustard oil is a hair stimulant, and it nourishes your hair deeply. 




Our hair follicles tend to become weak due to deficiency of essential nutrients, and mustard oil helps us with that. It not only nourishes hair follicles but helps in fulfilling this deficiency quite well.


Full of vitamins and minerals:


Mustard oil is a rich source of antioxidants, alpha fatty acids, and multiple vitamins like A, D, E and K and minerals. It is a wealthy source of zinc, beta-carotene and selenium. Beta-carotene helps in hair growth and minerals in the mustard oil prevents hair loss. 


Here's how you can prepare mustard oil pack at home. 


Ingredients: Yogurt and mustard oil. 




Mix mustard oil and yoghurt in a bowl. And then apply the mixture onto your scalp. Wrap a hot towel around your hair and allow it to stay for 30-45 minutes. Then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Apply this hair mask at least twice a week, and say goodbye to dull and dry hair.


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