Hair Care: You need to include black pepper in your hair care regime RIGHT NOW

Long and lustrous mane is every woman’s dream. Have you ever wondered if the spicy black pepper is any good for your hair? Turns out is absolutely is!
Hair care tips: You need to include black pepper in your hair care regime RIGHT NOWHair Care: You need to include black pepper in your hair care regime RIGHT NOW
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Black pepper maybe infamous for its sudden, sharp spicy taste that usually seems to creep up on you when you are least expecting it.That being said, the health benefits of this spice is bountiful. Black pepper keeps cough and cold at bay, aids in digestion, prevents gastrointestinal problems and is extremely good for the hair. Black pepper can be had on its own, applied to the hair as a hair pack or mixed with coconut oil and then applied to the hair.

Simple DIY hair care hacks will keep your hair in the best of health. Black pepper is known to bring natural shine to your hair, and also solves serious hair issues. Always use balck pepper in moderate amounts. Overdoing black pepper in your hair care regime may irritate the scalp. Learn why black pepper is a miracle worker for your hair and how you can incorporate this spice into you everyday hair care regime.

1. Prevents premature greying of hair

Add a spoon of black pepper powder to three tablespoons of curd. Apply the mix to your hair and wash it off after twenty minutes. Black pepper is rich in copper content which  prevents premature greying of hair. The curd moisturises your hair.

2. Keeps dandruff at bay

The rich content of Vitamin C in black pepper helps keep the scalp clean and prevents dandruff formation. Mix a pinch of black pepper powder with virgin olive oil. Apply to hair and wash it off the next day!

3. Promotes hair growth

Black pepper is known to stimulate hair follicles. This promotes hair growth and helps prevent baldness. Mix olive oil and ground black pepper. Seal the container for two weeks. After weeks drain the oil and apply to your hair. Keep it on for thirty minutes and wash it off with cold water!

4. Cleans the scalp

Mix a spoonful of black pepper powder in two spoons of lemon juice, and massage the solution onto your scalp. Wash it off after fifteen minutes. Your scalp will be cleaned thoroughly and your hair will feel really soft!

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