Hair Curlers for corkscrew and wavy hair

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Hair Curlers for corkscrew and wavy hair
Hair Curlers for corkscrew and wavy hair

Hair styling is an unending job. Every hairstyle can create wonders and transform your look completely. Be it straight, curly or wavy every hairstyle has the power to enhance your beauty and facial glow. Now you can style your hair at home with the help of some hair styling tools. Here are a few worth buying hair curlers for corkscrew and wavy hair.


1. RX VENUE Hair Curler Iron

This hair curler iron follows an automatic curling technology. It is a curling tong that adds extra curls to your already bouncy and glossy hair. Section your hair into one inch strands and place the end of your hair on the pre-heated barrel with the clip open. Roll your hair and unwind them quickly if you want light curls or wavy hair. 


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 328

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2. Automatic Wireless Electric Hair Curler

This Automatic Wireless Electric Hair Curler has 6 temperatures and 6 time setting options. It is an ideal curler if you wish to have loose, tight or wavy curls. This hair curler has an indicator for inspecting the curling power of the machine. It also has a left and right curling indicator with a buzzer. Set your desired temperature and direction for an instant curly hairstyle. 


Price: Rs. 2499

Deal: Rs. 1699

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3. Hair Curling Flexi Rods

These Hair Curling Flexi Rods are hair foam soft rollers that twist and curl your hair without any heat or ironing. These hair sticks are enough for long hair. Made with premium quality foam, these flexible rods help you to attain heatless curls overnight. What’s more? They don't damage the texture of your hair. 


Price: Rs. 500

Deal: Rs. 399

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4. Chopstick Curler

This chopstick curler is perfect for tight corkscrew curls. The barrel of the chopstick curler is coated with ceramic for frizz free shiny results. If you are a fan of ringlet curls, then this curler is meant for you. It has a slim and sleek barrel with 60 second heating up technology. 


Price: Rs. 2295

Deal: Rs. 1429

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5. Plastic Hair Rollers

What is better than sticking to traditional hair curling tools? They are heatless and give you desired results. They have the power to hold and lock curls just like an electric curler. These plastic rollers are available in all sizes for fulfilling all your hair styling goals. 


Price: Rs. 399

Deal: Rs. 298

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Straight and open hair might be the most loved hairstyle but nothing can beat the stylish look of curly and bouncy hairstyle. Curls might be annoying if frizzy but frizz-free corkscrew curls deserve a big YES. Go transform your look in a jiffy with these hair curlers. It is the time to flip curly hair in style.


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