Hair extensions that can make your hairstyles limitless

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Hair extensions that can make your hairstyles limitless
Hair extensions that can make your hairstyles limitless

Women love to change their look with their choice of haircut and haircolor. What if haircuts, hair colors and hairstyling are a matter of seconds? Hair extensions will take you on a ride of limitless hairstyles. Your natural gorgeous shiny hair will receive an add on shine with these trendy hair extensions. Remember, your hair is like precious jewellery, so make every hair flip count.

1. Hair Bangs with Temples

Fringes are in fashion with the increasing craze of Korean dramas. Women love flaunting their hair style and strive to enhance their look as much as possible. These bangs are made up of high quality virgin hair and you are free to dye them. The bangs are thin and airy. It does not tug your natural hair. 


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 349

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2. Synthetic Fiber Clutcher Ponytail

This ponytail hair extension will fulfil your desire of long ponytail and voluminous hair. The extension is easy to use and fits to any size of head. The hair extension is silky, smooth and looks like real hair. 


Price: Rs. 559

Deal: Rs. 349

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3. Party Highlights Colorful Clip in Synthetic Hair Extensions

If you are a fan of hair highlights then these hair extensions are ideal for you. The Party Highlights Colorful Clip in Synthetic Hair Extensions contains 10 pieces of multiple colours. With an ombre effect, these hair extensions look natural, smooth and shiny. They are made up of heat-resistant fibre to make your hair styles look flawless. 


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 499

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4. Messy Bun Hair Piece

Buns are highly fashionable in the contemporary era. The messy look of the bun paired with bangs can do wonders to your hair. The bun has a scrunchie that holds the bun of your natural hair effortlessly. The elastic of the scrunchie is long lasting and flexible to serve all your needs. 


Price: Rs. 599

Deal: Rs. 115

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5. Wavy Hair Extension

Wavy Hair Extension is for all the women who are striving hard to transform their look. This hair extension is ideal for those who have curls or wavy hair texture. The extension is easy to use and washable. In addition, they are heat-resistant and suitable for all sorts of hair styling tools.


Price: Rs. 1999

Deal: Rs.549

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Hairstyling is now an easy-peasy task with the purchase of these hair extensions. Every hair extension can help you to transform your look according to your outfit and occasion. Clip in these extensions and make every hair flip count.


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