Hair straightening cream: The NUMBER ONE formula for glossy and silky hair

Want to make your hair look nourished and maintained? Get your hands on the best hair straightening cream.

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Hair straightening cream: The NUMBER ONE formula for glossy and silky hair
Hair straightening cream: The NUMBER ONE formula for glossy and silky hair

Do you wish to possess tamed and smooth straight hair that has a glossy sheen? You can attain it without the help of hair straighteners, permanenting hair treatments, hair spa, smoothening and your hair’s biggest rival HEAT! Excessive exposure to heat can damage your hair drastically and immense amounts of chemical application will result in never ending hair and scalp problems. It will hamper the quality and texture of your hair and lead to hair fall. In order to combat all of these frightening hair problems. You should try your hands on a hair straightening cream whenever you wish to flaunt luscious hair. 

Hair straightening cream is distinctive from the rest of the hair smoothing products. They add the missing shine and manage to smoothen your dry hair strands and follicles. If you wish to strengthen your hair and make them look fuller, let the goodness of the professional formula sink into your hair. 

What exactly does a hair straightening cream do? 

Hair straightening cream smoothes your hair and detangles it effortlessly. This cream is widely used as a straightening cream especially for dry, frizzy and curly hair. It is also a neutralizer cream that works well to make your hair look well maintained, healthy and nourished. A straightening cream tames frizzy hair very easily. They also act as a protective shield of your hair when exposed to heat. Some hair straightening creams come with a lightweight and non greasy formula that allows you to play with flawless hairdos. 

Snatch a glimpse of the two types of hair straightening cream available for purchase in India: 

Temporary hair straightening cream: Temporary hair straightening cream doesn’t hamper the original texture and quality of your hair. The effect of the straightening cream lasts at least for a day or untill hair wash. In order to temporarily transform your look or make your hair look chicer than a temporary hair straightening cream will do a commendable job. A temporary hair straightening cream works well on wavy and less frizzy hair. 

Permanent hair straightening cream: Permanent hair straightening cream makes the use of chemicals to treat your hair. The effect of the permanent hair straightening cream lasts for several months. However, the difference between your original hair and the cream treatment hair might be visible after your hair naturally grows. A permanent hair straightening cream is recommended to those you possess extremely curly, frizzy or dry hair. 

Hair straightening creams are also known as hair relaxers. They have a plethora of benefits but at the same time they can also have certain side effects. These side effects always depend from user to user. No person possesses the same hair and thus the results might vary. However, it is advisable to test every hair product on one section of hair before applying it as a whole. Scroll down to know more about hair straightening creams, their benefits and usage.

Hair Straightening Cream

Here is the list from which you can choose the most ideal hair straightening cream for sleek and glossy hair: 

1. Lr xtenso hair straightening cream and neutralizer

This straightening cream and neutralizer offers great results. It devoluminses the hair and makes it frizz free. It adds a layer of smoothness to your hair that allows you to play with numerous hair styles. If used in a correct manner the results will last upto to 6 months. Lr xtenso hair straightening cream and neutralizer is suitable for those who own frizzy and dry hair. The breakthrough formulation of the cream provides intense care as it transforms and straightens even the most resistant hair.

Price: Rs. 625

Deal: Rs. 600

Buy Now 

2. Oxyglow Herbal Professional Salon Hair Straightener with Neutralising Cream

This hair straightener cream offers an advanced care formula. It maintains the natural hair texture and a stronger structural base. It is ideal for curly and frizzy hair to make them silk straight and nourished. It offers sheer protection to your hair and makes it look bold and beautiful. It acts against harmful UV rays, heat and blow drying.

Price: Rs. 350

Deal: Rs.349

Buy Now

3. Sanfe Stunner Hair Straightening Cream With Neutraliser

Sanfe Stunner Hair Straightening Cream With Neutraliser will satisfy all of your salon-like straightened hair goals simply sitting at home. It is the number one formula that will pave the way for attaining long lasting, silky and straight hair. The first step is to use the straightening cream. The straightening cream comes with a keratin and biotin complex conditioning solution to straighten your hair. Whereas the neutraliser cream that you use at the second step, contains hydrogen. It reconstitutes and smoothens the hair effectively.

Price: Rs. 349

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4. Streax Canvo Line Big Straightening Cream & Neutralizing Cream

These two packs help you to treat your frizzy, dull and lifeless hair like magic. It also helps you to get a bold look and make your hair more manageable. The easy and even application of the creams will aid in bringing salon-like experience at home. The Streax Canvo Line Big Straightening Cream & Neutralizing Cream keeps your hair vibrant throughout the day. This cream is all that you need for a quick transformation. 

Price: Rs. 1310

Deal: Rs. 1045

Buy Now

5. Bio Reach hair straightening cream & neutralizer

Bio Reach hair straightening cream & neutralizer straightens even frizziest hair. It is smart in helping you achieve supple and manageable hair. The special keratin care complex strengthens the hair structure, providing additional care and easy manageability. This hair straightening cream is designed to create permanent, natural-looking straight hair for those with naturally curly and coloured hair. It also contains a wheat-based care complex to leave hair smooth and shiny. It leaves no space for any complaints and maintains the luscious texture of your hair. 

Price: Rs. 500

Deal: Rs. 499

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6. Beauty Garage X-Straight Hair Straightening Cream + Neutralizer

Beauty Garage X-Straight Hair Straightening Cream + Neutralizer are crafted especially for the keratin rebonding system. It has the power to transform rebellious, curly and frizzy looking hair to smooth, beautiful, silky and shiny hair. Whether you want to reduce the volume, retain your volume or go very smooth and sleek, you can get this professional treatment done sitting at home or in a salon. 

Price: Rs. 1200

Deal: Rs. 1195

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7. Professional Hair Straightener Curly Frizzy Style Cream Original

Professional Hair Straightener Curly Frizzy Style Cream is the number one solution that enhances strength and overall health of hair. It is suitable for all types of hair. Its renowned formula not only smoothes the hair strands but also strengthens hair roots. This 400 ml pack of straightening cream and neutraliser has been able to bag 5 star ratings. 

Price: Rs. 1925

Deal: Rs. 1500

Buy Now

8. XBS PROFESSIONAL Hair Smoothing and Straightening Cream with Neutralizer 

This bundle of two is a must-have hair care product that coats the entire hair evenly except for roots. Once you apply it, let it set at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes. After that, rinse it sufficiently with plain water. Then dry the hair. When applying the cream, keep 1 to 2 cm above hair roots, as getting it on the scalp could cause irritation and breakage of hair. Use an intermediate water to rinse it away completely. The neutralizer coats the entire hair. leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, at the same time combing it lightly. TADA! Your hair is ready to undergo a drastic transformation. 

Price: Rs. 498

Deal: Rs. 300

Buy Now

9. STREAX® PROFESSIONAL Canvoline Hair Straightening Intense Kit

STREAX® PROFESSIONAL Canvoline Hair Straightening Intense Kit is suitable for wavy, frizzy and curly hair. It is an effective formula for permanent straightening of hair. It is also enriched with a kera charge complex that helps you attain a straight, glamorous look with the help of the imparted benefits of protein. 

Price: Rs. 290

Deal: Rs. 275

Buy Now

10. Shills Professional Hair Straightening Cream + Neutraliser For Resistant Hair

Shills Professional Hair Straightening Cream + Neutraliser For Resistant Hair is especially formulated for permed hair, damaged hair and coloured hair. It detangles and smoothes the hair magically. The consistency on the cream is strong and might burn the hair if you do not pay heed to the directions of usage. Before applying the cream as a whole, make sure you test its effectiveness on a few sections of your hair. 

Price: Rs. 1199

Deal: Rs. 899

Buy Now

So which hair straightening cream is being welcomed to your kitties? We are sure you cannot wait to order and indulge into them. Now you don't have to think much about the expensive hair straightening treatments because you will be able to obtain similar results simply by sitting at home and also at your convenience.

Did you know it is difficult to analyse your hair’s compatibility with the chemical formulas and ingredients used while straightening your hair permanently or temporarily? The allergic reactions of the treatments are only visible to you after a few days or immediately after a hair wash. Your hair which is unknowingly allergic to strong concentrated chemical formulations might become lifeless and fall like the leaves in the spring season. Scary? Prevent your hair from becoming dehydrated with the best hair straightening cream. They don't add shine to your hair, they add a HEALTHY shine!

Get to know the benefits of using a hair straightening cream: 

- A hair straightening cream protects your hair from heat damage. 

- It restores the lost glory of your hair. 

- It shows salon-like results within 40 minutes. 

- It straightens your hair and makes it look well nourished. 

- The results last long as compared to temporarily straightened hair. 

- It acts as a hair guard that protects your hair from frizziness, dullness and tangles. 

- It is a great replacement for flat hair irons, straighteners as well as hair dryers. 

- The cream will prevent hair damages that are caused by excessive heat exhaling hair tools and grooming appliances. 

- Applying the hair straightening cream takes a matter of minutes.

What else? A hair straightening cream is budget friendly and does not burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, you can undergo salon-like transformation just by sitting at your home. No need to commute and spend a lump sum amount of money to achieve glossy, straight and smooth hair. Just apply the cream, leave it for 25 to 30 minutes and the cream will do its job without making you bother much about the results. The major advantage of using a hair straightening product is that it doesn't damage your hair even after months of application or occasional usage. They help you to keep your hair hydrated, smoother and easy to manage. 


1. How to use a hair straightening cream? 

Before using a hair straightening cream make sure that your hair is clean for 100 percent results and effectiveness of the cream. Divide your hair into small parts. You can also use pins, scrunchies or clips to maintain the division. Take a sufficient quantity of the cream and begin applying it to one section of your hair from the roots. After applying the cream all over your hair, leave it to rest for a maximum of 30 minutes. Post resting, wash off the cream gently or cold water gently. You can also take the help of an extremely mild shampoo to take off the cream completely from your hair. Scrunch your hair with the help of a soft towel to remove the excess water. You can dry your hair naturally or seek the help of a professional dryer. 

2. Are we supposed to wet our hair before applying the cream? 

Yes. You should always wet your hair and ensure they are ready for application. Shampooing your hair before a smooth application of hair straightening cream will also do. Once you wash your hair, drain the excess water and then begin applying the hair straightening cream. 

3. How to wash and maintain the hair after applying temporary hair straightening cream?

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Make sure you use lukewarm or cold water to cleanse your hair or scalp completely. After shampooing, apply a conditioner starting from the mid of your hair to the tips. Rinse your hair with gentle hands and scrunch it to drain the water off your hair. Natural or towel dry your hair. You can also apply a hair serum to detangle your hair when damp.

4. Is hair straightening cream better than other styling tools like hair straighteners? 

A hair straightening cream is always better than other styling tools like hair straighteners, gels, hair waxes or sprays. Your hair quality gets damaged due to excessive exposure to heat on a daily basis. To protect your hair for never ending damage, a hair straightening cream is the best solution to attain glossy and smooth hair. The cream helps to straighten your hair in the most natural and hair-friendly way. Believe us or not, a hair straightening cream will save your time, energy as well as make your hair manageable. 

5. What are the things that one should consider while purchasing a hair straightening cream? 

One should always consider multiple factors before purchasing a hair straightening cream such as hair coarseness, thickness, original quality and hair growth rate. If you know what works well on your hair, seek for a similar product. While purchasing the cream online, check out the reviews, ratings and the feedback of users. Apart from brand and price, pay heed to the number of natural and chemically packed ingredients. Stay away from creams that contain an allergic substance for your hair.

6. What to do if one comes in contact with excessive irritation and itchy scalp?

If you come in contact with excessive irritation and itchy scalp, rinse your hair with water immediately. You can also use your regular shampoo to cleanse all the residue of the cream. If there is any major hair issue that you come across, make sure you reach out to the doctor. It is always advised to test every hair or skin product on one part of your hair or skin. If you or your hair is allergic to any ingredient or chemical formulation do not use it. 

7. How long does the effect of permanent hair straightening cream last? 

The permanent hair straightening cream is made up from chemical formulas to treat extremely frizzy, dry and dull hair. The effect is powerful and strong to ensure every resistant hair is straightened with utmost ease. The effect of permanent hair straightening cream lasts for several months. As per user feedback, it lasts upto 6 months. 

8. From where to purchase hair straightening cream? 

You can purchase it online or shop it from a beauty shop. You will also find multiple options of hair styling creams in a salon. If you wish to make your hair pampering session personalised, grab the right hair tools and buckle up for a drastic hair transformation within minutes. 

9. Is temporary hair straightening cream better than permanent straightening cream? 

If you wish to undergo a permanent transformation then permanent straightening cream is recommended. However they contain too many chemicals to straighten every resistant hair strand of yours. To keep your hair quality maintained, you should rather depend on temporary hair straightening cream. A temporary hair straightening cream delivers better results that lasts for a day or until hair wash. Why to hamper your hair’s original texture and appearance with premananenet or chemical formulated ingredients? Grab a temporary hair product for utmost safety of your hair. 

10. What are the features of hair straightening creams? 

Hair straightening cream is also known as hair softening cream. They come with water resistant features and organic solvents. They are crafted for attaining smoother and silkier hair. The powerful ingredients and non greasy formula makes it a number one solution that helps in ditching heat generating grooming tools. Even if you wish to style your hair with a grooming tool, you can apply this heat resisting cream for utmost safety of your hair. Hair straightening cream is an easy to use cream that will help you undergo a quick transformation within a matter of minutes. 

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