Haircare: Deal with your hair fall issues and try out this onion hair mask over the weekend and thank us later

Pamper your hair over the weekend and make the most of the ingredients available in your kitchen. Check it out
Haircare: Deal with your hair fall issues and try out this onion hair mask over the weekend and thank us later
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One thing you'll always find in every kitchen is an onion. No matter where in the world you are, onions are always available at your nearest grocery stores. While they make dishes taste good, they have the ability to control your on-going hair fall issues. They are known to control the loss of hair and also promote new hair growth. They are rich in magnesium, carotene, potassium, folic acid and various vitamins that work well in the hair care department. So, considering that it's the monsoon and hair shedding season (at least for most of us), we have an easy overnight onion mask you can try over the weekend! 

All you need:

2 large onions

2 tablespoons of olive oil/coconut oil

2 teaspoons of yoghurt

How to:

1 Grate the onions into a bowl, now take a soft, thin cloth and strain out the juice out of it. 

2. Take at least 4-5 tablespoons of onion juice and mix it with yoghurt and olive oil. 

3. Now, start massaging the mixture on your scalp in circular motions. 

4. Once done, put the remaining mixture on the rest of your hair and leave it on for about 2 hours. 

5. Shampoo and condition like you usually do. 

Pro tip:

Onion juice usually makes the eyes water, make sure to wear a shower cap or tie a cloth around your hair to avoid irritating your eyes.


Oil and yoghurt moisturise the hair and leaves behind a healthy sheen. It also provides the essential nutrients to deal with broken or damaged hair shafts and makes it look glossier and healthy. Onion, on the other hand, works on the scalp and deals with hair fall issues. Due to its acidic nature, it also helps in getting rid of scalp infections like dandruff. 

Disclaimer: Make sure to do a patch test before applying any ingredients on a scalp. Visit a doctor if problems arise. 

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