Haircare: How to protect your hair from getting dry during seasonal transitions?

As the seasons' transition, it takes a toll on the health of your hair making it prone to getting dry. Here are three easy ways to protect it from the damage.
Haircare: How to protect your hair from getting dry during seasonal transitions?
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The change in seasons can be a rather difficult time for both your skin and hair. While the temperature has no control over itself, the air suddenly starts to get dry and so does your hair. This is the start of winter and before it gets extremely difficult to get your lost moisture back in December, make sure to start pampering your hair the right way. Here are three easy ways to keep your hair moisturised and prep it for the seasonal change. 

1: Hot oil massage:

As much as you think that this is a cliché tip, oil massages help like a miracle. Hot oil massage will seep deep into your scalp and keeps it from getting dry while it also deep conditions your hair shafts. Make sure to never wash your hair without applying oil at least one hour prior to your shower. This will ensure that the shampoo only strips off the oil instead of the natural moisture, in turn, also serving as a protective layer from your shower and chemically packed shampoos. 

2: Try protective hairstyles

Leaving your hair open all the time can lead to excessive dryness in the winter. Adding to it, your heated styling tools incur more damage than the environment itself. When it's winter opt for protective hairstyles like braids and buns or make sure to utilise your winter beanies in the right way! 

3: Try leave-in conditioners:

Leave-in conditioners help maintain the hair's moisture content. If you're not big on buying and trying new products, all you can do is take a few drops of almond or argan oil after a shower and run it in your damp hair. This maintains the hair health and does not let the dry air directly affect your hair while drying. As simple as this sounds, trust us that it works wonders! 

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