Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp: The ultimate monsoon scalp care routine

Updated on Jul 06, 2021 12:21 PM IST  |  168.8K
Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp: The ultimate monsoon scalp care routine
Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp: The ultimate monsoon scalp care routine

Our scalp supports all our hair follicles and the hair that emerges from them. It is also a hotbed for dirt, debris and built up due to natural oils, sweat and product residue that clogs the follicles and leads to dullness, shedding and thinning of hair. Your scalp needs to be given special treatment especially when it is hot and humid outside. A proper scalp care routine mirrors a skincare routine, yet does not require a daily commitment. Scalp care should be integrated into your routine, whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Here, we have a routine that you can follow in order to attain a healthy scalp along with effective products that will help you reach your goal faster. 


Hair Treatment Oil

Face the monsoon humidity with confidence and get the silky, shiny and healthy hair you have always wanted with this hair treatment. This hair treatment can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this completely transformative hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine— leaving you with nourished, manageable and smooth hair with each use. 



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Hair Mask 

Get a salon-like hair treatment at home with this hair mask that will instantly transform the texture of your hair. Enriched with argan oil, this hair mask will repair, restore and strengthen weak and damaged hair. It deeply conditions the hair, hydrates the scalp and also promotes natural hair growth. Regular use of this hair mask will give you soft and silky hair in no time. 



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Detoxifying Shampoo And Conditioner 

Wash your hair twice a week with a detoxifying shampoo. Use the shampoo only on your scalp and follow it with a conditioner that you have to apply only on the roots. This set of detoxifying shampoo and conditioner provides a deep cleansing system infused with superfruit pomegranate and ginger. It helps de-gunk stubborn residue from dry shampoo and build-up. 



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Scalp Scrub 

A scalp detox is a must during the monsoon season. Use an exfoliating scalp scrub that will buff away dead skin cells and unclog the pores. This scalp scrub will help cleanse and calm an itchy scalp. Formulated with tea tree oil, sage oil, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar, it helps nourish, cleanse, soothe and remove build up from the scalp. 



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Shampoo Brush 

This extravagant shampoo comb will deep clean your hair and give a relaxing massage to your scalp that will release all your stress without causing any harm to the hair follicles. The bristles work the shampoo into your hair and removes dirt, dandruff and dead cells, making it easier and faster to wash your hair. It offers a perfect grip and stimulates blood flow to the scalp and oil glands. 



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