Heat protectant spray: 3 Benefits of using the spray to protect your locks

Hair styling tools come with their own set of problems that include hair damage. The spray is your saving grace when it comes to hair woes.
Heat protectant spray: 3 Benefits of using the spray to protect your locks
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A good hair day is all that one needs to make or break a look or even uplift one's mood. To ensure good hair days happen often, we take to hair styling tools that allow us to twirl, curl and shape our hair as we wish to ensure it always looks good. But little do we realise the damage that all these tools are doing to our hair. 
Not only does excessive use of these tools lead to split ends and dry locks, but also does incorrigible damage to the hair that is hard to reverse. Rather than worrying about your locks and losing more hair in the process, here are all the benefits you could reap by just investing in a heat-protectant spray. 

Restores moisture 
Hot styling tools tend to dry out the hair and suck away the moisture. One of the major benefits of the spray, is that it adds moisture to the already dried out and withered hair, keeping it smooth and silky. 

Controls frizz 
The spray creates a barrier between the styling tools and your hair, protecting your locks from excessive damage. The thin layer of film on the hair also ensures hair doesn't get frizzy over time. 

Smoothes cuticles 
The outermost part of the hair shaft that is the most damaged due to excessive heat, is the cuticle. This layer protects the lower layers of hair and in turn is what gets damaged by hot tools. Using a heat-protectant not only helps your cuticles from damage but also ensures they grow stronger with time!

The most common ingredients in sprays include, Coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil or sunflower oil. 

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