Hemp seed oil is the new messiah for your skin – here’s why

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Hemp seed oil is the new messiah for your skin – here’s why

The past year saw a huge surge in the essential oil production and plant-based skincare products. Clear skin, bright complexion, deep hydration – a few of these oils incorporated in our daily skincare routines have worked wonders and provided many benefits. It is time to make way for the newest kind of essential oil in the house – hemp seed oil! You must have seen influencers promoting it and celebrities swearing by it. We are here to give you the 101 on it.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is a kind of essential oil extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant (cultivated for cosmetic use) by cleaning and cold-pressing the seeds. It is not to be confused with hemp oil (also known as CBD oil) which is made from the leaves, stalk or flowers of the hemp plant, and contain THC for psychoactive effects. Hemp seed oil contains near to none cannabinoids, a very low THC content (which is why it has NO psychoactive effects) and lots of omega fatty acids – which is why it has become a major ingredient in moisturising products.

What are the beauty benefits of hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is an upcoming ingredient in many skincare products, and is even marketed to be used on its own. It can have many benefits for your skin –

1. It is non-comedogenic. This means that hemp seed oil does not clog up your pores at all! Clogged pores can lead to formation of acne and blackheads, and hemp seed oil can prevent them instead!

2. It is anti-inflammatory. The abundance of omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 is to be credited for this! They help lower inflammation, especially for people with dry or sensitive skins, and can also help hydrate and soothe inflamed areas.

3. It can lock in hydration. If used on its own or in night-time skincare products, hemp seed oil acts as a barrier for your skin and keeps the natural moisture and oils locked in. It also deeply hydrates and repairs your skin that way!

4. It attracts moisture. Hemp seed oil is a humectant, which essentially means that it prevents loss of moisture and draws more of it towards the skin.

5. It regulates natural oil production. By providing adequate amounts of hydration to the skin, it is known to be able to balance out the oiliness and modulate how much oil the skin produces naturally. This is particularly beneficial to prevent acne breakouts and even early signs of aging!

What are the best skincare products with hemp seed oil?

We made a list of our favourites that you must check out! Although hemp seed oil is great for all skin types and has no known side effects, you should still do a patch test before using it generously – let’s make that a rule of thumb for every cosmetic product.

1. Conscious Chemist Indulge Face Cream

With the added benefits of the anti-oxidant matcha extracts that can also protect your skin from pollution and sun damage, this face cream easily absorbs into the skin and leaves no greasy residues. It helps in neutralising any radical toxins, leaving your skin visibly healthy and rejuvenated!

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2. NatureSack Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

This is pure, unrefined and naturally extracted hemp seed oil for gaining the maximum possible benefits of the oil! It contains the ideal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and chlorophyll, that is potentially beneficial in reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

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3. Kaya Clinic Nourishing Night Mask

With the additional goodness of Vitamin  B5, this night mask enriched with hemp seed oil is a lightweight, hydrating and soothing product which will make your skin smooth and supple with regular usage.

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4. FOY Naturals Hemp Seed and Argan Body Butter

Both hemp seed oil and argan oil have anti-inflammatory, hydrating and environmental damage protection properties – and this product has the goodness of both! It is also free from any toxic fragrances and is ideal for people with oily skins.

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5. Light Up Green Juice Brightening Face Cleanse

This gentle cleanser contains hemp seed oil and natural extracts including omega-rich avocado, detoxifying matcha and chlorophyll, collagen-boosting parsley, and intensely hydrating almond and shea butter. This is a truly power-packed product to fight acne and achieve radiant skin!

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We hope this guide helps your skin feel better than ever before! Let us know in the comments below if you tried any of these products, or found better ones that worked for you!