Here are the 3 eyebrow trends that are ruling the season

The eyebrow game is picking up its fashion speed and we are in awe with cool trends. Check it out!
Here are the 3 eyebrow trends that are ruling the season
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A slight variation in your eyebrows is enough to turn you into a whole new person. Your whole appearance is incomplete without grooming your eyebrows, which can make or break your look. Though unlike the fancy bags and trendy clothes, we may not be able to swap it with the trend every day or hide it in our closet, yet we can’t deny that eyebrow fashion has been evolving from the classic thin arches to bushy man brows. 


A well-done brow frames your face and elevates your style. Gone are the days for artificial elegance and unbelievable perfection. With the lockdown changing the direction of fashion and beauty trends, we totally are up for the cool upbeat eyebrow trends that embrace the natural look with a tweak of uniqueness.


Here we bring to you trending three eyebrow goals of the season. Undoubtedly a year spent indoors has impacted the eyebrow trend to pull-off some offbeat yet cool style statements. Scroll down to check it out.


The brushed up soap brows usually seen on the runway is in trend now. This feathered up look is easily achievable if you naturally have thick eyebrows or can seek the help of eyebrow pencil to draw fine lines that don’t look unruly. All you need is soap, disposable spoolie brush and some water or setting spray to ace the soap brow technique. Simply wet your brush and lightly drag it across the soap before brushing your eyebrows in an upward direction.



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Chalamet brows are much like the man himself. The look is effortless, youthful and oh-so-low-maintenance that you can experiment with your fuller and more natural brow. Interestingly this cool trend works well in making your eyes look bigger giving you an illusion of a leaner face. A unit different from the monobrow, this smouldering look is being embraced in the name of freedom to the brows to grow wild and crazy. After all, why should boys have all the fun!?

Embracing the natural texture and soft dewy look these pared-back brows are hot on their way to #trending. We aren’t speaking about unnaturally thin eyebrows but those that have the glory to look rough and tough with an essence of feminine attractiveness. Except for a few unruly strands, don’t pluck your brows at all and let them grow naturally to gain this look. Groom them with light brown, clear or gold brow gel to don it like Hailey Bieber.

Are the new eyebrow trends worthy for a try? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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