Here’s how you can make your thin hair look voluminous in monsoons

Monsoons are almost here and our mane is screaming for help
Here’s how you can make your thin hair look voluminous in monsoons Here’s how you can make your thin hair look voluminous in monsoons
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Monsoons are officially here which means that it is a bad-bad time for our gorgeous mane. Yes, the heavy pourdown usually leaves our hair messy and make it go all dry and drizzy. The hair game tbh, is a huge dead-scare. One wrong step with your hairstyling and you could easily flag that day off as a bad hair day. Needless to say what follows after that is hue cry and mayhem. Our moods get grumpier and clearly even ice-cream cannot come to our rescue. 


Well, here’s a rather handy and easy guide for you to get luscious and voluminous hair in this rainy season. These steps are sure to lessen your hair woes and be a major blessing this monsoon. 



Choose the right hair care products

Believe us or not in the end it all comes down to the products that you are buying and applying on your mane. One genius of an idea is to use a water based shampoo or conditioner rather than oil or cream based as they tend to weigh down the hair. You could also opt for a sea salt texturising spray to create volume. If you’re looking for a messy hair look then you should use a mineral powder fixing spray. 



Choose a nice and volume boosting hairstyle

Simple formula for hair. Whenever you have straight long hair, it tends to start thinning and losing volume. If you opt for a haircut with multiple layers, it’ll automatically start looking voluminous and will restrict thinning. When stepping out - opt for hairstyles with curls or beach waves. 



Precaution is better than cure

The first and foremost rule that each one of us need to understand is that all our face shapes are really different. So consider your hairline and shape of your face whenever you’re going in for a haircut. While bangs might look super cute, it might not suit everyone. Also make sure that you don’t apply the product to the roots as it’ll weigh it down rather apply the product at the end so that the hair stays put. 


On a regular practise, if you keep applying aloe vera gel on the roots and on the length of the hair and post that apply Vitamin E capsule oil - your hair will get a beautiful shine and become extremely healthy. Apart from that applying oil is extremely important for your hair. Also, keep changing your shampoo and conditioner  every 6 months for better hair growth. 



We really hope that these above mentioned tips are helpful. Do you have any other tips which will be a boon to our hair? Comment below and let us know. 


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