Here is your guide to choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone

Planning to colour your hair? Let this serve you as a guide to choose the right colour for your skin tone
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They say getting your hair coloured is an addiction, but whether you are a one to experiment with your hair with colour or a hair colour virgin, you know that finding "THE" colour that suits you to the T, is quite the task. 

Have you ever tried out a hair colour and found out that it completely did not suit you after the hair stylist was done? Well, that may have something to do with your skin tone. Just because a colour looks good on a model or your favourite blogger and celebrity, does not mean it will look the same way on you. 

Beyond the basic choices of blonde, red or black, there is an infinite number of hair colours available be it the classics or the crazy non-traditional colours.

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind and determine which hair colour will look best on you: 

1. Blondes 

Shades like blonde, platinum, whites and greys look great on cool skin tones that have a reddish undertone. The slightly blue cast in these shades will counter the redness in your skin. If you decide to go for these shades make sure you go for a purple shampoo or conditioner to keep them from yellowing. 
If you have slightly warmer undertone go for colours such as caramel and butterscotch.


2. Brunett 

Shades of chestnut, browns, dark chocolate, dark brown and ash brown, mocha look great on those who have skin with warm deep tones. From fair to deep skin, if you have a warm undertone cool brown air colour to brighten up your skin tone. On the other hand, you can use warmer browns like golden brown, honey, cinnamon and more. 

3. Red 

Reddish shades like aubergine, oxblood, maroon, burgundy and true red will look great on those with fair cool skin with reddish undertones. The cast of your skin will make our hair pop, instead of making it look rust or muddy. If you have deep skin then completely avoid red colours because it will make your skin look greenish and sickly. Pik your favourite from strawberry blonde, amber and firey red. Just be sure to get a shampoo for colour treated hair and avoid washing your hair often as red tends to bleed often. 

4. Black 

Colours such as blue-black, expresso, Liquorice,  deep black look great on those with warmer undertones. If you are fair or olive skin tone the contrast will make your complexion pop. If you have deep skin, you can wear cool black shades regardless of the undertone. 

5. Crazy colours

Do you want to go crazy with your next hair colour? Well, the sky is the limit and any colour can look great if done right. Warmer colours like pink, oranges and yellow will look better with cool tone skin. Cool colours like blue and purple will be particularly flattering if you have warm undertones. If you deep skin opt for darker and more saturated colours over pastels. 

Know that these crazy colours will fade out faster than other neutral tones. Make sure that you use colour protect products and do not wash your hair often. Also, avoid styling and using heat on your often. 

What colour are you colouring your hair? Comment below and let us know. 


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How about not colouring your hair at all. Many girls suffer problems of hair fall and baldness is because of excessive colouring of their hair. If you are young and donot need grey coverage then stay away from chemicals and embrace your natural hair colour nature intended you to have. Every hair stylist i ever met pushed me to get a hair colour. I told them flat out no. I always go for a professional cut and avoid so called colour,all sorts of chemical treatment and excessive hot iron n blowdrying and my hair problems like split ends, dandruff, hair loss and dull lustre disappeared. My healthy hair made me realize we are damaging our hair ourself to provide business for the salons. If you are young stay away from chemicals,colours, iron n blow dry. Your hair will thank you for it.

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