Holi 2019: Post Holi fuss free remedies for glowing and clear skin

Play coloruful holi but ensure you clean yourself properly post that.
Beauty,holi 2019,post holi skin care,post holi careHoli 2019: Post Holi fuss free skin care tips for glowing and clear skin
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Despite all precautionary measures, you are most likely to end up being all green, pink and blue by the afternoon. Often, the colours are sold loose in the market and consumers have little or no idea about the source of the colours and their contents. This had a negative health effect on people in form of skin rashes and allergies, dry brittle hair, eye injury etc. Acclaimed Dr. Apratim Goel who is known for her cosmetic and laser procedures shares some tips on how to care for the skin after playing Holi. She understands that spending hours scrubbing off the Holi hues are part of the festive fun, and guides you on using the right ingredients to do so.

Here are some post-Holi skincare tips you can follow to get your skin back to normal

- Lemon juice, for instance, is the most powerful natural whitening agent and is particularly effective for the fingers and nails. This should be applied and left for 15 to 20 minutes and washed off with warm water, and followed by a rich moisturiser.

- If the color doesn't come off, apply some warm olive oil. Rub the skin with a soft cloth gently. Apply curd or a herbal pack made with gram flour and milk afterwards. It will soften the skin. Use face pack made by mixing gram flour & curd till it becomes a smooth paste then apply it on face & massage gently to take out the traces of color left.

- After playing Holi, it is important to remove the colour and replenish the skin with a paste of soyabean flour or besan mixed with milk. You can also use a moisturising soap while scrubbing off the colours and never rub the skin vigorously. A mixture of sea salt, glycerine and few drops of aroma oil that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects can mend the harm caused by chemical colours to some extent. Liberal use of a cold cream or a moisturiser thereafter is a must.

- Shampoo hair immediately after playing with color & don’t forget to condition your hair. If hair is too dry then warm oil accompanied with hot towel treatment should be given the next day. The hair should be washed with a mild shampoo as soon as possible and rinsed with either lemon juice or beer to bring back the shine.

- Avoid bleaching, waxing or facial for a week after holi (even before holi)

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