Holi 2020: 5 Pre Holi tips for skin care and hair care

Holi is almost here, and it's time to start with the pre-holi hair care and skin care routine. Read below to find out some tips that can save your skin and hair from the chemicals.
Holi 2020: 5 Pre Holi tips for skin care and hair care
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Aare holi hai bhai holi, Bura na mano holi. Holi the festival of colours is almost here. Holi is celebrated across India with great fervour and enthusiasm. Right from eating our favourite sweets to throwing colours on our friends, we all like to celebrate holi with enthusiasm. Hence, holi is also known as the most vibrant festival of the year. 


The joy that we get by being drenched in vivid colours is above all and cannot be compared with anything else. However, when it comes to playing holi our skin and hair surely go for a toss. Hence, to take care of our skin and hair while enjoying this festival, here are some pre-holi skincare and hair care tips that you should follow this year. These tips will protect your skin and hair from the harsh holi colour chemicals that can cause frizzy hair and breakout at times. 


Ice cubes:


Before applying any oil or cream to your face, make sure to massage it with ice cubes. Massaging your face with ice cubes will close the open pores and keep the acne and other skin issues at bay. Once you are done with the massage, apply a generous amount of organic oil or sunscreen. 


Almond oil:


Almond oil works great for the skin. Applying almond oil is something that you should consider doing before playing holi. Being a rich source of vitamin E, it provides nourishment to the skin and acts as a secure layer between the skin and the colours. Not only does it protect the skin, but it also prevents the colours from sticking to the body.




We all play holi during the day, and the constant exposure to the sun invites tanning. Hence, to avoid tanning, apply waterproof sunscreen as it protects your skin to a great extent. 


Coconut oil:


This is the age-old technique that we all have been using for quite a while now. Always make sure to wash your hair a day before Holi. Later, all you've got to do is to apply a layer of coconut oil on your hair and roots as it will prevent it from getting dry and crimped because of the colours. 


Petroleum Jelly:


Instead of using lip balms, make sure to use petroleum jelly. The texture of petroleum jelly is thick, and it works for a longer period. Apart from this, you can apply petroleum jelly on the neck, back of ears and between fingers too.

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