Home remedies that act as nail paint removers for spotless and clean nails

Nails usually get damaged because of excessive alcohol content in the easily available nail paint remover.
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It is a girl’s dream to have flawless, long, healthy and perfectly shaped nails. The female squad all over the globe spends a huge amount of money in doing their nails. Be it the twenty-thousand types of manicures or nail paints or the fancy craze of nail art; girls want them all. It is true that our coloured finger and toe-nails makes us feel like a complete diva, the real heartbreak and irritating moment is when they nail paint starts coming off and that too unevenly.

While, there are a lot of nail polish removers with some made without alcohol as well, but the constant use of these nail paint removers leaves our nails damaged especially if we use them on a day to day basis. But there’s nothing to worry, as our kitchen comes to our rescue yet again! Infact your entire house has something or the other that basically can be a fix for almost everything. Listed below are home remedies to make a nail polish remover which is pocket friendly, super efficient and does not harm the nails either.


Lemon juice and vinegar

Take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and an equal amount of white vinegar and mix them together. Firstly, soak your fingers in warm water for about 10 minutes. Soak cotton balls in the lemon and vinegar mixture and apply it on the nails. Rub each painted nail for 20 seconds and get rid of your old nail paint.


Warm water

Warm water is one of the most effective ways for taking off your nail paint. Put your fingers in the bowl of warm water and keep it in it for about 30 minutes. Take your fingers out and you can already see the nail paint peeling off. Take a dry cloth and gently take off all the leftover nail paint. You can also add lime juice in the hot water and follow the same procedure.



Do not have nail paint remover at home and have to leave for a party/date ASAP? Worry not, as your perfume will do all the wonder. Spray perfume on a cotton ball and start wiping off the chipped off nail paint. Rub it gently and soon you’ll have clear and spotless nails.


Hair spray

Yes, we are not kidding. If you’re in a rush and don’t have a nail paint home, then just spray some hairspray on your nails and rub it off with a cotton ball. Make sure take you wipe the hairspray as soon as you spray it because it will have no effect once it dries off.



Yes!! Believe it or not, a toothpaste is another extremely essential remedy. Apply toothpaste on your nails and start scrubbing it with an old worn out tooth-brush. White toothpastes work wonders as they take off all the nail paint off your nails.

While we go and get some toothpaste, you comment which one are you going to try?



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